Bytes from LockNet

LockNet Does the Mannequin Challenge

Every few months a fad will hit the internet and everyone will jump on board. The Harlem Shake. The Ice Bucket Challenge. Even the not-so-smart Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Usually, as a company, we watch from afar. However, this time a challenge came along and it was too good to pass up. The LockNet Mannequin […]

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Who Needs Firemen When You Have LockNet?

The employees at LockNet saved a life last week. And while, no, I do not think firemen are replaceable with LockNet employees, I will say I was completely impressed with how willing they were to jump in and help with a situation that arose unexpectedly. It also really highlights the kind of attitude the employees […]

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LockNet Gives Thanks: Finishing Out November

Even though Thanksgiving was last Thursday, it doesn’t mean we’re done being thankful over here. We still have a few shout-outs to add to our LockNet Gives Thanks series and there’s no way these special team members could be left off the list. LockNet Gives Thanks – The Final Edition So, grab a plate of […]

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LockNet Gives Thanks: Employees Who Make Each Day a Little Better

We started off this month’s series, LockNet Gives Thanks, with an article about our favorite HR Administrator Trish Hobdy, showing all she does for LockNet and why we love her so much. After I wrote the article I sent out some feelers to LockNet employees to see if there’s anyone else here at LockNet who […]

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LockNet Gives Thanks: HR Administrator, Trish Hobdy

November is here! A common November tradition is for people to list all of the things they’re thankful for on social media and in personal journals. Here at Locknet we thought it would be a perfect time to share more about some of the employees we’re incredibly grateful to have as part of our team. […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Whitney Perkins

We’ve almost made it to the end! This weekend LockNet will be participating in the Jessamine County Relay for Life and all of our hard work over the last few weeks will finally come to fruition. The employees here at LockNet have worked hard and had fun while they raised money for the cause.  There were […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Samantha Mudd

We’re continuing to share LockNet employees’ personal experiences with cancer in the weeks leading up to Relay for Life and this week, I’m featuring Samantha Mudd. Sam has been at LockNet for a little less than a year now and when I sat in on her interview to be hired, I can remember her telling […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Diana Thielen

We’re up to our third installment in the LockNet series of personal cancer stories and today, we’re featuring Diana Thielen. Diana began with LockNet earlier this year and has fit right in with everyone. She’s kind to everyone she sees and is a really hard worker. Unfortunately, Diana’s experience with cancer involved herself. She’s better […]

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