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LockNet History

Established in 1993, LockNet is a family-owned and operated business by Chad Miller, and Katie (Miller) Willie – 4th generation in the lock industry.

In 1991, Benson Miller and his brother Clay Miller noticed a need for electronic safe locks in retail stores and restaurants – and LockNet was born soon after.  Officially founded in 1993, LockNet filled this gap by retrofitting safes with electronic locks in the large chain retail and restaurant markets.  Safe companies began seeking LockNet’s help to be a nationwide service partner for safes, creating LockNet’s nationwide safe service business.

In 1996, LockNet began managing key systems nationwide due to customer demand.  LockNet formed a partnership with InstaKey which, in turn, introduced LockNet to an expanding network of customers.

When setting up and installing key systems, it became clear that much of the existing installed hardware was not compatible with interchangeable cores.  As a result, LockNet began selling hardware for new construction and remodels, which created the Architectural Door & Hardware Solutions department.

During this same time, LockNet started the Project Management department.  A customer asked LockNet to solve the problem of smash and grab robberies.  LockNet developed a jewelry case cover that resolved this issue, and began solving similar problems and doing project rollouts for other customers.

In 1998, one of LockNet’s safe service customers requested that LockNet begin doing nationwide lock repair services as well, which gave birth to LockNet’s Nationwide Repair & Support department.

LockNet expanded in 2001 by acquiring the Interra Door product line from FireKing and the Sur-Lock from Silver Lining Technologies, Inc.  LockNet developed the Interra Door into our Security Door and enhanced the Sur-Lock and began selling it nationwide.

In 2003, LockNet began selling Division 10 bathroom hardware due to customer demand.

Since 2003, LockNet has continued to grow each department, has expanded its customer base, and has grown into markets outside of retail and restaurant chains.

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