LockNet’s 30th Anniversary

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LockNet’s 30th Anniversary

Storied Past – Strong Future. This phrase encompasses the rich heritage, culture, and prospects for LockNet. The story of the Miller family is a tale of adventure, curiosity, creativity, and industriousness. Deeply rooted in the physical security industry, four generations of Millers have been instrumental in the lock world. Collectively holding over 100 patents and founding more than nine companies, the Millers have propelled the lock industry forward through their innovations, education, and service. Their impact on the world is marked by their commitment to principles, charity, and community.

Storied Past – The Miller Family

John & Harry Miller installing a bank vault door

For the last 100 years, the Miller family has worked diligently in the physical security industry. Notable contributions of each family member include:

  • John C Miller
    • Founding of Miller the Safe Man in 1936, which evolved into Safemasters in 1940
    • Numerous inventions and patents, including the night depository box
  • Harry C Miller, son of John C Miller
    • Founded the Harry C Miller CompanyHolder of nearly 50 patents
    • Recognized by almost every significant industry association during his lifetime
    • Collaborated with the government during WWII and traveled around the world performing safe work for various diplomats and government agencies
    • Developed the first manipulation-resistant safe lock and combination padlock
    • Became President and owner of Sargent & Greenleaf
    • Created the largest lock collection in the world, many of which are now on display at Lockmasters
    • Founded Lockmasters to educate locksmiths on the art of lock manipulation
  • Clayton Miller, son of Harry C Miller
    • Holder of over 50 patents
    • Served as President of Sargent & GreenleafPurchased Lockmasters and grew it to expand the education division and added a wholesale tools and equipment division and research and development division
    • Invented the XO-7 high-security, generator-powered lock that is used in multiple government applications
    • Along with his wife, April Truitt, he founded the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA)
    • Co-founded LockNet with Benson
  • Benson Miller, son of Harry C Miller
    • Purchased and grew Ignitor Products, which manufactured and sold the heat-safe blowtorch
    • Founded Millex and invented the foldaway ironing board that hangs on doors
    • Co-founded LockNet with Clay
  • Mark Miller, son of Clayton Miller
    • Grew, purchased, and ran the wholesale tools and equipment and education divisions of Lockmasters
  • Chad Miller, son of Benson Miller
    • Grew, purchased, and currently runs LockNet
  • Katie (Miller) Willie, daughter of Benson Miller
    • Purchased and helps manage LockNet

Strong Future – LockNet’s Vision

The LockNet division of Lockmasters was founded in 1990 with the primary aim of selling and installing SmartGuard electronic keypad safe locks to the fast-food industry. After three years of operation, it was officially separated from Lockmasters in February 1993 and established as an independent entity with Clay and Benson as partners and Benson at the helm as the president. Since then, LockNet has surpassed its original objective of installing safe locks and has emerged as a leading provider of locksmithing services and door hardware for the North American national account market segment, selling to customers with locations scattered throughout North America.

LockNet, now with more than two hundred employees, continues to grow at an accelerated pace beaconed by the ongoing vision to “Ensure the Life Safety of Every North American.” The foundation of this success is LockNet’s employees, united by the Guiding Principles, who contribute every day knowing the meaningful impact they make in this world. It is with honor, humility, and deep gratitude that Chad and Katie lead LockNet and continue the legacy started by John Miller over 100 years ago.

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