Managed Key Systems

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Ask anyone – one of the major hassles of running a facility is managing and maintaining its key systems.  It becomes even more complex in a national chain store environment. LockNet’s sophisticated data processing capabilities turn this overwhelming burden into a manageable chore.

Features & Benefits:

Easy Key System Design

  • You tell us what kind of system you want – we set it up.
  • Not sure what kind of key system is best for you?  No problem – we’ll guide you through the choices.
  • Secure Records Owned by You
    • Computerized key records – no more undecipherable paper records that are easily lost
    • Systems are tracked by store number and key stamping
    • Records are available to you anytime
  • Fast Service
    • Overnight shipping of keys and cores is available

Policy & Procedure Enforcement

LockNet takes your security seriously – it’s our number one job.  We work with you to setup clear protocols for managing your key system and ensure that we follow them to the letter.  Protocols include items such as:

  • Rekey and key replacement approvals
  • Number of keys per location
  • Rekey timeframe
  • Emergency rekey steps

Available Key Systems:

  • Unrestricted
  • Restricted
  • Proprietary
  • Rekeyable

Available Cylinder Types:

  • Standard
  • Interchangeable
    • Small Format (SFIC)
    • Large Format (LFIC)
  • eCylinders

Available Options:

  • InstaKey Rekeyable Cylinders
  • Master Systems