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Is Chip Security the New Key?

I talked last week about how biometrics in security is progressing at a rapid pace. What I didn’t expect to see this week was an article about how a company in Sweden is offering the opportunity to have a chip implanted into employees’ hands that will allow them to complete various activities ranging from opening […]

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School Security – Exploring Your Options

Before the Newtown shooting, I rarely thought about the mechanics of school security. On that day in December 2012, though, it was the only thing I could think about. It didn’t help that my daughter, Evie, was sitting in her first grade classroom when the news began to pop up on social media. Our country […]

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Security Biometrics: Security of the Future

In 1987, seven-year-old Whitney was asked to draw a picture of what she thought the world would look like in the year 2000. Ohhhhh man, did she have some ideas. First, she was absolutely positive that we would all be living on the moon. (Yes, in a mere 13 years, the people of the world […]

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Wireless Locks – How Do They Work?

In 2015, it seems like nearly every electronic gadget we buy has a wireless option. Wireless keyboards and mice, wireless printers, and wireless phones are all common items we see in our offices every day. Because the world wants to be completely wireless, it makes sense wireless locks are all the rage How Wireless Locks […]

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Smart Locks – The Wave of the Future?

Before we get into our discussion about smart locks and innovation, allow me to share a funny personal story. Over the past 6 months, my 9 year old daughter has been telling me random things that are “for sure” going to happen in 2015. At first I passed them off as “just a kid being […]

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How It Works – Hands-Free Restroom Access Kit

It’s inevitable – for all of eternity we will associate restrooms with germs. They just go hand in hand… and unfortunately, those little germs sometimes hitch a ride on your hand, which you then may place on the door handle or knob, giving them a nice, little new home where they can just sit and […]

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Happy Father’s Day to the First Lock Inventor!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, we wanted to wish a happy Father’s Day to the father of the oldest known lock.  The inventor’s name is not known, but the oldest one found by archeologists dates back 4,000 years to the Khorsabad Palace ruins near Nineveh.  It used a large wooden bolt to secure the door and had […]

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Locks, Art, and a Starry Night by David Goldberg

If you’re like most, you don’t look at locks as a thing of beauty, but rather as a functional tool that you use every day.  Owner of Union Hardware, David Goldberg, has turned that notion upside down and has used locks to create a masterful rendering of Vincent van Gough’s Starry Night.  Using over 1,250 […]

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