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Fail Secure Locks: Where Cabin in the Woods Got It Right

I decided, because we’ve already discussed fail secure locks and security in horror movies and where they fail, I may as well point out a movie where the movie makers got it right—Cabin in the Woods. Have you watched it yet? If not, you need to and you probably shouldn’t read any further because this […]

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How to Pin an IC Core

If you ever click on those articles that boast something like the “Top 23 Most Fascinating Gifs!” you’ve probably seen the one where it shows the inner workings of a lock. Maybe it’s just me, but I can watch the gif repeatedly because it’s just so dang satisfying to watch those pins pop into place […]

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Safety In The Workplace

Safety in the workplace is something that many of us 9-5 office workers don’t think about.  If you work in a manufacturing facility or plant, it’s likely very top-of-mind. I used to work for DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems.  If you know anything about DuPont, you probably know that “safety comes first” for them and rightfully […]

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Driving Business Success – Wildly Important Goals (WIGS)

Are there times where you feel like your organization is stalling and lacking in business success?  Do the employees feel like the mythological Greek King Sisyphus who was forced to push a giant boulder up a hill every day only to watch it roll back down? If so, according to Franklin Covey, a company that […]

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Tailored Focus Tips for Creative and Logic Tasks

My husband, Zach, is an engineer; I am a marketer.  We couldn’t be more “left-brain right-brain” opposite.  I say “left-brain right-brain” because recent research has shown that we don’t actually have a more dominant side of our brain.  While this makes for some amusing conversations on how things should be done around the house, I […]

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Risk, Success, & Failure – Business Lessons Learned from Summer Camp

Ok, I admit it(proudly).  I am one of those “camp kids” that has about ten million stories that start with, “This one time at camp…” I was fortunate enough growing up to spend my summers at Camp Merrie-Woode (the most beautiful place on earth), an all-girls summer camp, nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.  […]

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