STC Doors: Sound Transmission Class Ratings and More

It’s 2018 and I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone reading this has seen Office Space. You know how Peter, the main character in Office Space, comes home from work every day and can have a full-blown conversation with his next door neighbor from his couch despite there being an entire wall between them? […]

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It’s That Time Again: Cold Weather Prep for Your Door and Lock Hardware

In Kentucky we’ve had a fairly mild autumn so far. In fact, a little less than 48 hours ago we were sitting pretty in the sixties and sunshine. It turns out we couldn’t ignore the overused phrase of Jon Snow forever, because it’s true: winter IS coming. Just like your boat and inground pool, it’s […]

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Smart Locks: How Smart Are We Talking?

Earlier today, I was having a conversation with a friend and I asked him if there was anything he could have answered about the door and lock industry, what would it be? I honestly expected him to give me a blank stare and say, “Seriously? Nothing.” But he didn’t! He actually responded with something I’m […]

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Why Choose Factory Finished Doors?

In my world that is often dominated by doors and locks, there are several debates brewing at all times: Mortise locks versus cylindrical and interchangeable cores versus standard format cores. But one I often hear is factory finished doors versus field finished doors, but I don’t think it’s really a contest. The answer, hands down, […]

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Water Softening System Damage & Chemical Resistant Doors

When we think about the damage that occurs with doors, rarely do we think about the water softening systems many businesses use to cut down on the amount of hardness in the water. Hard water can cause a myriad of problems that range from water spots on glassware to tainting the flavor of drinking water. […]

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Door Terminology-Door and Hardware Schedule Abbreviations

When I look at a door and hardware schedule, the door terminology can be so confusing I feel like I’m reading a legal contract. It might as well say, “Hitherto, henceforth, the LHR, FRP G door with a KD frame shall be held in a binding agreement notwithstanding improper installation.” Say what? The truth of […]

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