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LockNet is like family. I feel like I know almost everyone. My locksmith career goes way back to Safemasters the company Harry Miller built.  Every day I look forward to the diversity of work that LockNet asks me to do.   Basically, I find the folks at LockNet to be fair, caring in their attitude, patient, knowledgeable and reliable people for the customer and the vendor locksmith to do business.

Henry Werner – Owner Area Safe and Lock (Tucson, AZ)

The team at Secure Lock and Door has had a working relationship with LockNet for almost 15 years.  The team at LockNet has always been professional and there is consistently an open flow of communication between our team and theirs. We are very appreciative of the continued trust that LockNet has placed in Secure Lock and Door and we look forward and are committed to working closely with Locket in the future.

Thank you!

Robert Scheiner – Owner – Secure Lock and Door Inc. (Staten Island, NY)

I am honored to talk about LockNet, an incredible company.  LockNet is one of several companies we work with, and with that in mind, we believe that it is probably the best company we partner with.  They are truly a customer centered company, which is rare in our world today.  They work with their subcontractors in a professional but personal way.  They help us respond fast by the complete information that is given to help us so we can perform our job in a timely fashion.  They allow us to think outside the box to fix and provide preventative maintenance so the customer does not have the same problem.  We are thankful for the opportunity of working with this maintenance provider and would recommend them to any company looking for maintenance service.

David Mitchell – Owner – MD Lock Doc (Portsmouth, VA)

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on the efficiency of the service department of your company.  We have been a vendor of yours for over 25 years and have never had any problems. We welcome the continued success of both of our companies and look forward too many more years of business relations.

Dennis Meadows – President – A-Action Lock & Key Inc. (Calgary, AB)

I have been doing business with LockNet since July 2015. LockNet is one of the most organized, professional companies that I have ever worked for. I appreciate the opportunity that LockNet has given me and they have been integral in growing my business. The process that they have in place for invoicing and payment is
by far the most efficient I have ever seen. The customer service is on point, they are quick to help resolve any issues. I look forward to a long, continued partnership with LockNet.

Bruce Wallen – Owner – Wallen’s Professional Safe (Levittown, PA)

Being in the lock and safe business for over 30 years. I have worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies from the east to the west coast. Some long gone and forgotten but not so with LockNet. I have been working with them for more than 10 years and they are one of the top companies I work for as a field tech and subcontractor. They have history and their phone support is one of the best I have worked with. When I work for them I always know that I can rely on their team should I need any help to tackle the job. The LockNet team will always be top priority when it comes to any job that is needed in my area. Thank you for your support!

Drew Van Deventer – Owner – Alpine Safe & Lock Co. (Boynton Beach, FL)

Working for LockNet is the best experience I have had as a technician.  Over the many years providing safe opening service no other company has been as faithful as LockNet.

Many times, trying to get paid for a job is more work than the job itself but not from LockNet, they have always been on time with no problems.  How I wish all people were as professional as LockNet is.

If there ever was a company that I would choose to only work for it would be LockNet all the way. They really are the best and that’s the bottom line.

Thank you and Thank you for having the best accounting team who knows what they’re doing.

Mark Swetland – Owner (Cheektowaga, NY)

Our working relationship with LockNet is an important part of our operation.  As a small business that subcontracts through many networks, we depend on our partners to be professional and organized, LockNet is just that. Work orders arrive with the details we need to save time and questions we have are answered quickly and fully to allow us to provide exceptional service to the clients. Their service center is friendly and knowledgeable and always works with a spirit of co-operation and understanding. We are proud to be part of the LockNet team.

Robert A. Lang – Owner – Lang Locksmiths LTD. (Edmonton, AB Canada)

We have worked with LockNet for years and they have been a great Third-Party company to work with.  Their staff is friendly and very helpful with processing the service orders in a timely manner.  A valued customer of Total Lock & Security!!

Cindy Herring – Office Manager – Total Lock & Security (St. Louis, MO)

"We have worked with LockNet for several years and in that time built great relationships with wonderful people. LockNet is a place where the Customer Service team and dispatchers go above and beyond to help make your team a success. Each and every individual we have dealt with has been kind, honest, and extremely helpful. LockNet is a client that we are proud to serve."

Jeremiah Burdette – Owner – Absolute Lock & Security (Pasadena, CA)

A quick word on working with LockNet...

Our company has been doing safe and ATM service work for LockNet for 12-plus years, and I can easily say the relationship is hassle free. They place a call for availability, email the PO for the job, and that's it. Once the job is completed we submit an invoice and a check is sent.

LockNet does set an NTE for each PO sent but that's not a problem at all. In fact, it's a good thing to work at an NTE. You know what your invoice amount will be at job completion and it won't be in dispute. The NTE limits are plenty fair too. There will be times when a jobsite requires more work than what was anticipated.  They do have some rules to follow as all NSP's have but with just a small amount of effort, they are easy to follow.

With 37 years in the safe and vault industry I can surely say, LockNet is one of the better NSP's to work with. The staff is friendly, the information sent for each PO is adequate, and the "pay-days" are much in line with what our company would charge if doing the jobs directly.

Mike Oehlert – Owner – Lone Star Safe & Vault (Dallas, Texas)

For 20 years LockNet and I have been a team. They provide the jobs in a professional, friendly manner-I provide the service that gets the job done and completed.  We have a working relationship of trust. Thank you for including me in your list of service technicians in N. California.

Jerry Kruss – Owner – Certified Lock & Safe (Mountain View, CA)

We do work for a few different companies, but LockNet is by far our favorite. Since we've worked for so many years with LockNet, we've been able to establish a great relationship. LockNet makes our job easy and there is never a fight to get approval for job completion. Our universal goal is to take care of our customers in a timely manner and essentially to make and keep our customers happy.

Denise Belcher – Owner – Blue Star Safe & Lock (Garden City, MI)

LockNet is a well-run, professional organization, that we consider a valuable industry partner. They clearly communicate their needs and know how to listen and recognize some of our special workday challenges. LockNet continues to improve on the processes used for National Service Provider work and A.S.P. in turn has conceptually “borrowed” several to speed up our own efficiency.

Greg Parks – Owner – Accurate Security Professionals (San Diego, CA)

We have been a service supplier for LockNet for nearly 10 years. They are good communicators, outlining their expectations clearly, which allows us to respond to their needs in a flexible yet efficient manner. This, coupled with a payment record that respects our terms, has made LockNet a highly respected customer.

Our relationship continues to grow and develop.  We look forward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future.

Laura Jackson – Ronald C. Lister Canada Inc. (Montreal, Quebec)

We have been working with LockNet for well over a decade.  And they are one our best clients.  Not only in the volume of work, but also for the fact that they are such a pleasure to work with!  This, I'm sure, has a lot to do with years and years of mutual trust and they always pay in a timely manner.

We haven't really offered "24-hour service" for years.  However, they are one of the few clients on a very short list of those for whom we will go anywhere, any time.

But most importantly, their professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly staff are always great to work with.

Bob DeWeese, CML, CPS, CJS, CAI – Owner – Bear Lock & Safe Service (Baltimore, Maryland)

A WIN-WIN relationship, that's how I view my longtime association with LockNet.   Years ago,

I was approached by LockNet to do work for various companies in my area.  My initial reaction was one of "the British are coming!" invasion into my territory and the possibility of doing work for an NSP that managed to take an existing account of mine and then having to sub it through LockNet at a lower rate.  Not what I call "Happy Times".  Reality is, the end user decided to go through LockNet for reasons that benefit them.

Fast forward, twenty years later and I am still doing work for LockNet and my other accounts and the ones that I do through LockNet are still there. LockNet is not the BAD GUY here, yes they have to make a profit, and so do I, and we work together to serve the end user so all of us WIN.

I like the fact that I do not have to do the laborious paperwork once associated with certain customers is a real benefit.

The best companies that can perform the best services, work for LockNet, it only makes good business sense.  I rise to the challenge to perform every day and make it difficult for LockNet to not use me, that’s how we WIN.

Ken Foo, CPS, GSAT:I, ACE – Owner – K&S Security Products (Houston, TX)

I have worked with several National Service Providers (NSP) throughout my career as a locksmith and safe technician. I started providing my services to LockNet simply because I heard a true call for help and concern for their customer, and my time.  The dispatcher/technicians usually understand the scope of work or, will simply ask you to call back with an update if necessary.

I find them friendly and willing to discuss any situations I might encounter at the work site. Reasonable quoted (NTE) that covers my travel and time to complete a job to “MY” satisfaction.  A well manned staff ensures work providers calls are answered in a timely manner. 

I have never felt like I had to put their work ahead of my regularly scheduled customers except in extreme emergences and most often that has been my choice to make. Their paperwork is easy to follow and file, and they pay on time.

P.S. From Pat Temple “And they give great hugs!”

Bob Temple – Owner – Crackerjack Locksmith (Summerville, NC)

I have been working with LockNet for approximately 25 years. They have always paid me in a timely manner, and treated me with dignity and, respect.  Their NTE’s are very reasonable, and their requirements are not burdensome like some others.  If you do it like you’re supposed to do, there are never any problems

I sincerely appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship we have, and look forward to the future with optimism!

Jim McCarthy – Owner – Allstate Security Co. (Colchester, CT)

Our relationship with LockNet began about 3 years ago when I answered the phone. The voice on the other end was asking if we could install electric strikes and electrified exit devices. I said of course we can. The voice then said “if you do a good job I can give you more work than you can handle.” We started with a few jobs in the Charlotte Metro area, they have now expanded out territory to encompass most of North and South Carolina. I was skeptical at first, but several hundred jobs later they are still sending work and I suppose we are still doing a good job.

Everyone we have had the pleasure of working with is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help us succeed. The few issues we have had with parts or returns have been handled promptly and professionally.

I am glad I answered the phone, as LockNet has become one of our best customers. We look forward to their calls now, not because they are a good customer, but because we have built relationships with their employees and we want to help them get their jobs done on time and on budget.

If you are a company looking for a vendor who will work hard to get your door and hardware jobs completed right the first time, look no further you have found them.

If you are a service company looking to partner with a GREAT company who will bend over backwards to help you grow. You can't go wrong with LockNet.

I can't say enough about how good they are to work with.

Joey McCombs – ADA Entrance Solutions (Gastonia, NC)

Ian, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for  Locknet’s continued support of Mobilock & Key, Inc.  I started Mobilock in August of 1989. There have been many ups and downs over the years. I have worked for many National Service Providers.  Most of those relationships have been one-sided, strained relationships in which I have felt like a commodity rather than a partner in growing two complementary businesses. Attempts to provide value-added services and insights from the field into our mutual clients needs were dismissed and cost cutting service pushed to the extreme.

I began servicing Locknet accounts in August of 2005 and am grateful for the relationship that we have developed over the years. Locknet has been willing to listen to recommendations to improve security for their customers. You have had an ongoing training program to provide customer service reps who can understand the technical aspects of security when we call about problems on the road. It’s very helpful to be able to explain what a problem may entail and have the customer representative understand what needs to be done to resolve the problem.  Most NSP’s have service reps that have no knowledge of anything concerning security issues, including several who tried to get us to violate local fire safety codes. Locknet has never suggested breaking any local codes.

Locknet has always expressed an interest in making sure that the relationship was beneficial for us. The consistency of payments has been invaluable for regulating my cash flow expectations. That was improved even more with my being able to track jobs, invoices received, and invoices pending payment.  No more waiting for months for payment only to the National Service Provider had not received my invoice after several faxed copies and a hard copy. I know within a day that the invoice has been received. Your most useful tool however is the ability to log on to the technician area every Wednesday and view the exact payment being mailed out on Thursday.

I have enjoyed the last six years of working with Locknet and look forward to a continued relationship. My favorite phone calls come with the same word on my caller ID. Locknet.

Tony Rousey – Mobilock & Key, Inc. (Silver Spring, MD)

Great Company, Great Customer Service. Keep up the Good Work.

Joseph A. Jensen – Jensen’s Locksmith Service (Coalinga, CA)

Working with LockNet has been rewarding. They always seem to have a solution to any situation. Add to that the timely payment, and you’ve got one rocking NSP. If LockNet calls you out to perform a service, say “yes”.

Terry Hall – Central Safe & Lock (Fairfield, OH)

We do business with several different companies, but I have to tell you, dealing with LockNet is a treat!  Everyone is so friendly and very knowledgeable!  Should you run into any issues while on the jobsite, they’re quick to resolve it for you!  Need more information, they’ve got it!  Their paperwork is not time consuming at all!  It makes invoicing a snap!  It’s always a pleasure to chat with anyone from LockNet.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with LockNet for many years to come!

Tammy Hicks – Hicks Safe & Locks, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)

We, at Advanced Lock Solutions, Inc., have been doing service work for LockNet for about 5 years now in the Austin, TX area.  It is refreshing to work with an organized company that has a professional staff to work with.  They take pride in the care of their customers and vendors they are partnered with to get the job done.  LockNet is not just another Service Company; they are above the rest when it comes to communication and organization.

Angie Maynard – Advanced Lock Solutions (Austin, TX)

LockNet is easy to work for.  They are organized, well managed, flexible, and informed.  They are also excellent when it comes to timely and complete payments.  What more could a vendor ask for?

Scott Gray, CMS, CPS – Tomac Safe & File Services (Toronto, ON)

As a sub contractor to LockNet for close to a decade we have built a relationship of trust and loyalty together that allows us both to feel at ease when a business transaction is set in motion.  This relationship is a driving force to always perform the best we can when the customer is in need of quality service.

Kenny Hiemstra – Maximum Security Services Inc. (Franklin Lakes, NJ)

LockNet’s business philosophy mirrors our own: Use quality products and provide exceptional service. Their attention to detail when determining the customer’s needs allows us to be better prepared prior to job-site arrival, resulting in more efficient service calls, quicker resolution of the customers’ problem and fewer return trips.  The technician area of their website allows us to track service calls on-line and monitor the payment status of invoices throughout the payment process. LockNet is a valued business partner and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Clifford L. Shafer, CPS, CML – CLC Locksmiths (Cinnaminson, NJ)