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Storied Past – Strong Future: LockNet’s Story

Storied Past – Strong Future Storied Past – Strong Future. This phrase encompasses the rich heritage, culture, and prospects for LockNet. The story of the Miller family is a tale of adventure, curiosity, creativity, and industriousness. Deeply rooted in the physical security industry, four generations of Millers have been instrumental in the lock world. Collectively […]

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National Service Provider: Quality Management

Many moons ago, when I first started at LockNet, the majority of the people I know would give me the obligatory congratulations on my new job and then follow that up with, “So what does LockNet do?” The answer was easy: We’re a national service provider for door and lock hardware. After the fifteenth time […]

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Secure Your Doors with Five Simple Products

It seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear about some type of break-in or theft. Being in the lock industry, I immediately think, “What products could help prevent these issues?” The good news is there is no shortage of products you can use to secure your doors and reduce the likelihood […]

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Secure Safes: Increase Your Safe Security

Even though many of us carry around less cash than we used to, many of your patrons still pay with cash, which means you need secure safes to store your deposits. There are numerous different secure safes and safe locks available in today’s market, although the security level of these safes varies widely. Some are […]

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Door Hardware Specification: Reduce Your Budget

Is your door hardware specification budget something you have ever scrutinized? What if I told you that the average hardware budget we see on specifications is around $15,000 per building; does that make you want to give it a good once-over? Our team of door and hardware specialists review specifications on a regular basis and […]

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High Traffic Areas: Increasing Your Durability

One of the top concerns we hear from our customers is whether or not the hardware they’ve chosen is going to hold up if the opening are in high traffic areas. Of course, the first thing we do is make sure they have the proper grade hardware installed. That, alone, can save the customer hundreds of […]

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Delayed Egress – Options, Regulations, & Implementation

Our sales team just got back from the National Retail Federation— Loss Prevention trade show, and the hot topic was delayed egress. One after another, people came by the booth to get more information. Questions ranged from how delayed egress works, to when it is allowed, to the issues with its implementation. Given the recent […]

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