Nationwide Repair and Support Department

Our highly trained team of Technical Service Representatives works with our customers 24/7 to ensure that their locations maintain smooth operations - no matter the location, no matter the time of day.

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Architectural Door & Hardware Solutions

We specialize in manufacturing and delivering industry leading commercial doors, frames, and hardware for national chain accounts.

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At LockNet, we are committed to you.

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Who are we?

LockNet works with leading chain establishments, property managers, access control integrators, and general contractors to make doors and locks one less thing they need to worry about. Established in 1993, we are a family-owned and operated business that is all about doors and locks. We collaborate with companies to develop and deliver custom solutions to their unique set of door, lock and hardware needs.

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From order intake to solution development to invoicing, LockNet works through every phase of each project. We customize communications and solutions to best fit each customer’s unique needs.


LockNet keeps things simple by maintaining hardware consistency across all locations. With real-time updates and customizable reporting via the LockNet web portal, we keep you up to date on all fronts.


LockNet is ready to go when you are. With our dedicated team of project managers, service coordinators and more, our goal is to undertake all steps of the process from design to completion.

We, at Advanced Lock Solutions, Inc., have been doing service work for LockNet for about 5 years now in the Austin, TX area.  It is refreshing to work with an organized company that has a professional staff to work with.  They take pride in the care of their customers and vendors they are partnered with to get the job done.  LockNet is not just another Service Company; they are above the rest when it comes to communication and organization.

Angie Maynard – Advanced Lock Solutions (Austin, TX)

LockNet is easy to work for.  They are organized, well managed, flexible, and informed.  They are also excellent when it comes to timely and complete payments.  What more could a vendor ask for?

Scott Gray, CMS, CPS – Tomac Safe & File Services (Toronto, ON)

As a sub contractor to LockNet for close to a decade we have built a relationship of trust and loyalty together that allows us both to feel at ease when a business transaction is set in motion.  This relationship is a driving force to always perform the best we can when the customer is in need of quality service.

Kenny Hiemstra – Maximum Security Services Inc. (Franklin Lakes, NJ)