Who Needs Firemen When You Have LockNet?

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The employees at LockNet saved a life last week.

And while, no, I do not think firemen are replaceable with LockNet employees, I will say I was completely impressed with how willing they were to jump in and help with a situation that arose unexpectedly.

It also really highlights the kind of attitude the employees have at LockNet.

They pick up extra slack without being asked and are more than willing to jump in the middle of a tough situation to get it resolved. This particular situation didn’t involve a door but it speaks to the general culture and the way the LockNet team responds in any situation

Freddy the Cat and His Adventure at LockNet

One of our employees has a cat named Freddy. Freddy is an indoor cat, but like most cats are wont to do, he likes to come and go as he pleases, even if the outside is really not the best place for him to be.

Last week, one night the temperature dropped fairly low and Freddy darted outside before his owner could stop him. After searching for him to no avail, Freddy had to fend for himself for a few hours. The next morning Freddy still wasn’t back but the employee needed to get to work so she got in her car and drove the five or so miles to LockNet for the day.

Around lunchtime she went to grab lunch and while she was waiting in line she heard a very familiar “meow” coming from the car.

The only problem was, the meow was not coming from a cat in the back seat or anything.

No, no. The meow was coming from the engine underneath the hood of the car.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Since the night before was frigid, Freddy  decided the best place for him to stow away was inside the car engine.

(Relax. He’s fine. Keep reading.)

LockNet to the Rescue

Much like how we rescue you, our customers, from untimely door and lock malfunctions and situations, we rescued Freddy from what may or may not have been certain death. (I like to be dramatic. It makes for a better story.)

When the employee returned from lunch, she pulled her car into the garage area in the back of our office and several other employees jumped up to help with the situation. At one point there were at least four men crowded over the car hood trying to coax Freddy out.

Freddy clearly didn’t think this situation through when he got into the car because he was stuck. There was no way for him to get out.

Thankfully, Ian Greene, Eric Broom, Thomas Downs, and Jeff Kirkner were able to remove some screws and pull the bottom panel of the car away enough fort Freddy to be pulled out.

He was not excited about that.

Despite Freddy’s lack of gratitude, LockNet employees didn’t miss a beat to step up to the plate and solve a problem. All of these guys had a lot of work on their plate and taking time to help free Freddy put them behind a little, but that didn’t matter.

A co-worker needed help and that was the bottom line.

The LockNet Commitment to Customers

While you may think LockNet employees efforts to save a cat in no way compares to the LockNet commitment, but I promise you it does.

This act wasn’t simply because they knew the coworker. All of those guys would have done the same thing for a stranger and they do the same thing for their customers.

It’s one of the many things that makes LockNet so great.

We’re people people, here. We like helping and we’re good at it. LockNet is made up of problem solvers and that alone is enough to promise our customers we’re committed to solve their problems.

Don’t believe me? Try us out for yourself. Do you have a business that could use a little help with your doors and locks? Maybe you  just have a question about hardware. Either way, feel free to contact us. We love talking to new people and we’d love to hear from you!


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