Articles by: Katie Willie

Shoplifting Prevention: Four Products to Consider

If you go to any loss prevention show, you know shoplifting prevention is always a hot topic. According to the most recent Jack L Hayes theft survey, more than $159 million was recovered from shoplifters in 2014. No wonder shoplifting prevention is top-of-mind! While at loss prevention shows, we are regularly asked, “What products do […]

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Theft Prevention: What’s a Lock Got to Do with It?

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re welcome. I know you now have Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do with It stuck in your heads. The 1980s aside, I do believe parts of our society have deteriorated to an all-time low. There is a new trend in theft prevention; lock up your razor blades. I went to […]

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Pharmacy Security: The Essentials

With all of the changes to medical insurance, healthcare and privacy of our medical information is top-of-mind these days for many people. It’s no surprise that a growing emphasis is being placed on HIPAA laws at all levels of the healthcare chain. Even pharmacies have fallen prey to HIPAA lawsuits, demonstrating the need for pharmacy […]

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LockNet Employee Spotlight: Jeffrey Carroll

If you have worked with LockNet for any period of time, chances are you have spoken with Jeffrey Carroll. Jeffrey has been with LockNet since 2005 and is currently an Account Administrator. He manages projects and escalated service issues for a number of our customers. I got to work closely with Jeffrey on a major […]

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National Locksmith Dispatching: Three Things to Consider

Let me guess. You are currently sitting at your desk going cross-eyed looking at all of the national locksmith listings. Who do you call? Where do you even start? All you know is you have had what is fondly referred to in the restaurant and retail industry as an “event” (a.k.a. a huge pain that […]

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Commercial Safe Answers: What You Should Know

If you work in the retail or restaurant space, it’s a sure bet you have a commercial safe to secure your cash (hopefully lots of it!). Have you ever stopped and thought, “Self, is my safe really secure enough to protect my valuables? Is there something better out there?” Well if you have, you my […]

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Secure Your Doors with Five Simple Products

It seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear about some type of break-in or theft. Being in the lock industry, I immediately think, “What products could help prevent these issues?” The good news is there is no shortage of products you can use to secure your doors and reduce the likelihood […]

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