Employee Spotlight

LockNet’s 30th Anniversary

LockNet’s 30th Anniversary Storied Past – Strong Future. This phrase encompasses the rich heritage, culture, and prospects for LockNet. The story of the Miller family is a tale of adventure, curiosity, creativity, and industriousness. Deeply rooted in the physical security industry, four generations of Millers have been instrumental in the lock world. Collectively holding over […]

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LockNet Employee Spotlight – Elise Miller

I’m currently basking in the sun on the beach somewhere enjoying my honeymoon! However, I was smart enough to write my blog posts in advance so that you all would have something to read on the LockNet blog this week. (I know. How thoughtful of me!) Granted, it does happen to be an Employee Spotlight which […]

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Employee Spotlight – Justin Jewell

Employee Spotlights are always a little tough to wrangle people in for. Most people (believe it or not) are actually pretty private and don’t want the spotlight on them. Usually, before one is written, a good thirty minutes is spent with me trying to coerce them into taking the survey and letting me actually write […]

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Employee Spotlight: Jason Watts

Have you ever met someone who is really hilarious but half the time you don’t actually know what they’re talking about because they’re a genius and they use huge words that are way beyond normal brain functions? (And I’m not talking like just a little above average smart. It’s not like I’m a bumbling idiot […]

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LockNet Employee Spotlight: Jeffrey Carroll

If you have worked with LockNet for any period of time, chances are you have spoken with Jeffrey Carroll. Jeffrey has been with LockNet since 2005 and is currently an Account Administrator. He manages projects and escalated service issues for a number of our customers. I got to work closely with Jeffrey on a major […]

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LockNet Employee Spotlight: Pamela Anderson

First things first, no, we do not have Baywatch Pamela Anderson employed here at LockNet; we have someone even better. Known to my oldest daughter as “Pamaw,” I hold Pamela near and dear to my heart. My daughter does too; probably because Pamaw gives her lots of candy and snuggles. Lucky for me (perhaps not […]

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