LockNet 30th Anniversary

Storied Past – Strong Future

LockNet’s 30th Anniversary Storied Past – Strong Future. This phrase encompasses the rich heritage, culture, and prospects for LockNet. The story of the Miller family is a tale of adventure, curiosity, creativity, and industriousness. Deeply rooted in the physical security industry, four generations of Millers have been instrumental in the lock world. Collectively holding over […]

LockNet Does the Mannequin Challenge

Every few months a fad will hit the internet and everyone will jump on board. The Harlem Shake. The Ice Bucket Challenge. Even the not-so-smart Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Usually, as a company, we watch from afar. However, this time a challenge came along and it was too good to pass up. The LockNet Mannequin […]

Key System Policies and Procedures

One of the holy grail points at LockNet we like to hammer home when it comes to key systems has to do with how the company plans on how to handle the policies and procedures. This can be a daunting task and can often overwhelm the buyer before they even get started. So, today I […]

Flu Season Ramps Up: Antimicrobial Finishes & Hands-Free Options Might Be the Answer

This has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory here in Kentucky. I can’t even count the number of people who were sick over the holidays with the flu. My dad had to go to the ER for an unrelated incident (he’s fine) and there were at least thirty cases in the […]

Hardware Warranties: Are You Saving the Most You Can?

When it comes to warranties, I’m definitely not a superstar at keeping up with them. Granted, this is a horrible line of thinking because there is SO much money that can be saved by taking advantage of your warranties on pretty much anything. This definitely rings true for your hardware warranties. Any sort of parts […]

Door Rust Prevention Tips

Unless you live in the desert, you probably curse door rust like the rest of us. Not only is it unsightly, but if it weasels its way onto something, it can cause real damage. This is especially true when you’re talking about exterior doors, which are forced to deal with the elements day in and […]

LockNet Throwback Thursday

As you visit our blog, you’ll notice a post or two that reminds you that LockNet has been in the game now for quite some time (24 years to be exact). We’ve grown like crazy, moving into three separate buildings (two for the warehouse and one for the office), and the lack of space in […]

STC Doors: Sound Transmission Class Ratings and More

It’s 2018 and I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone reading this has seen Office Space. You know how Peter, the main character in Office Space, comes home from work every day and can have a full-blown conversation with his next door neighbor from his couch despite there being an entire wall between them? […]

Spec Reviews: Most Common Issues

When it comes to spec reviews, the chances of you walking away with a perfect spec the first time are slim to none. It’s just the nature of the game. But! The good news is that everyone deals with and in the long-run, this is going to do nothing but help you along in your […]

Who Needs Firemen When You Have LockNet?

The employees at LockNet saved a life last week. And while, no, I do not think firemen are replaceable with LockNet employees, I will say I was completely impressed with how willing they were to jump in and help with a situation that arose unexpectedly. It also really highlights the kind of attitude the employees […]