Why Choose Factory Finished Doors?

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factory finished doorsIn my world that is often dominated by doors and locks, there are several debates brewing at all times: Mortise locks versus cylindrical and interchangeable cores versus standard format cores.

But one I often hear is factory finished doors versus field finished doors, but I don’t think it’s really a contest. The answer, hands down, is factory finished and I’m here to tell you why.

Why Factory Finished Doors Are the Better Option

Controlled Environment

Factory finished doors are, well, finished in a controlled environment. This means the atmosphere is the same every single time they finish the doors, no matter where they are. A controlled environment allows for less room for mistakes. When doors are finished in the field, you run the risk of debris getting into the finish. This can make for a rough end result not a single customer would love.

Better Product

With factory finished doors, a better product is used for the finished. In the field, they usually use a Urethane finish from a local paint store and it just can’t compare to the product they use in the factory. The product they use for the finish in the factory is UV cured,  making it a harder finish, as well.

Less Expensive

This hardly needs much of an explanation, but factory finished doors are less expensive than field finished doors. When a contractor specifies a field finished doors, this requires someone to come out and finish each door specified. That can add up over time. When you order all of your doors with the finish already on from the factory, you’ll end up saving yourself quite a bit of money.

Better Warranty

When you order factory finished doors, they come with a warranty.. This is always better than what a field finished door can offer. Most factories will come out and replace a door years later. Think of the money you’ll save with that alone!

Project-to-Project Consistency

Ok, you know the whole controlled environment thing I was talking about earlier? That ties in with project-to-project consistency. When you have different projects going on for the same brand, consistency is key. Brand consistency is noticed by your customers and, while it might just seem like doors and hardware, it goes a long way when things are consistent. When you’re able to have project-to-project consistency with your doors, it’s important and really stands out.

Are you struggling with the decision between factory and field finished doors? Do you have more questions this post didn’t answer? Contact us. We’re more than happy to help you out.

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