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door terminologyWhen I look at a door and hardware schedule, the door terminology can be so confusing I feel like I’m reading a legal contract.

It might as well say, “Hitherto, henceforth, the LHR, FRP G door with a KD frame shall be held in a binding agreement notwithstanding improper installation.” Say what?

The truth of the matter is there is a lot of different door terminology out there, and without a basic understanding of door materials and door construction, it’s easy to be completely confused by the door and hardware schedule for your facilities.

To help you better understand the door and hardware schedule for your facilities, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common door terminology abbreviations.

Door Terminology Abbreviations

Door Material

Door Type

  • F – Flush
  • V – Narrow Vision (Also known as a thin vertical window in the door)
  • G – Half Glass
  • FG – Full Glass
  • L – Louvre

Frame Construction

  • SW – Weld Seam (The frame is pre-welded at the joints)
  • KD – Knock Down (The frame is installed in three interlocking pieces.)

Frame Material

  • A60 – A-60 Galvanneal Steel
  • CRS – Cold Rolled Steel


  • CO – Cased Open
  • LH – Left Hand
  • LHR – Left Hand Reverse
  • RH – Right Hand
  • RHR – Right Hand Reverse
  • Side Note: If you don’t know how to hand a door, check out our quick video on door handing!


If you aren’t sure that the materials and products specified are correct for your facility, let us know. We’re happy to take a look at your specifications and provide recommendations. You’d be surprised at how many issues we typically find when we perform specification reviews!

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