Best Practices

Key System Policies and Procedures

One of the holy grail points at LockNet we like to hammer home when it comes to key systems has to do with how the company plans on how to handle the policies and procedures. This can be a daunting task and can often overwhelm the buyer before they even get started. So, today I […]

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Hardware Warranties: Are You Saving the Most You Can?

When it comes to warranties, I’m definitely not a superstar at keeping up with them. Granted, this is a horrible line of thinking because there is SO much money that can be saved by taking advantage of your warranties on pretty much anything. This definitely rings true for your hardware warranties. Any sort of parts […]

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Those Aren’t Ghosts In Your House. You Need Door Maintenance.

Halloween is next week. Do you know what goes with Halloween? Door maintenance. It’s because I work at LockNet, I realize. Halloween is easily one of my favorite times of the year because I’m mildly obsessed with scary movies. Because of this obsession, I’ve begun to easily point out the most amateur mistakes made by […]

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High Traffic Areas: Are Your Doors and Locks Prepared?

Our customers have a pretty big variety of questions when it comes to their doors and locks but the big question they all have is how long, exactly, are their doors and locks going to last. While we can’t give them a definite answer (that all depends on a range of variables) we can usually […]

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National Locksmith Dispatching: Three Things to Consider

Let me guess. You are currently sitting at your desk going cross-eyed looking at all of the national locksmith listings. Who do you call? Where do you even start? All you know is you have had what is fondly referred to in the restaurant and retail industry as an “event” (a.k.a. a huge pain that […]

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Lock and Door Maintenance: 4 Easy but Urgent Fixes

Door maintenance is often something we put off. Case in point: This morning, as I was heading into my on-suite to get ready, the door hinges gave off a nice loud squeeeeeeak! For most people, this wouldn’t be an issue. However, when there is a baby in the room who I just got back to […]

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