LockNet Employee Spotlight: Jeffrey Carroll

If you have worked with LockNet for any period of time, chances are you have spoken with Jeffrey Carroll. Jeffrey has been with LockNet since 2005 and is currently an Account Administrator. He manages projects and escalated service issues for a number of our customers. I got to work closely with Jeffrey on a major […]

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LockNet is Moving: Pardon the Interruption

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come.  LockNet is officially getting ready to say our farewells to the Courchelle building. The final touches are being done on the new office, and we will be moving our business operations there effective September, 14. In preparation for the move, everyone is doing “the great purge.” I […]

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Safe Opening: Stories From The Past

Ask any safe cracker, and they will tell you that safe opening is an art. It has evolved throughout time to accommodate the increased security features in today’s safes. Many times, safe opening is performed with drill jigs, special drill bits, or drill templates. However, there are times where the art of lock manipulation is […]

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LockNet’s History: Four Generations Strong

Just recently our sister company, LockMasters, was profiled in the Lexington Herald Leader and the Jessamine Journal, in an article highlighting the founding Miller family’s legacy and the lock museum in LockMasters’ lobby. The city of Nicholasville, Kentucky, is fairly small, so it may surprise some that we have a nationally-recognized lock museum tucked away. […]

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Technicians in the News – LockNet Works With the Best

LockNet is fortunate to partner with some of the best technicians throughout the US and Canada.  While most jobs are fairly ordinary, some of our technicians have completed some newsworthy work.  Check out these jobs where Elaad Israeli and Ron Snivley caught national attention. Technician Elaad Israeli Opens Susan B Anthony’s Old Safe LockNet’s trusted […]

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Happy Father’s Day to the First Lock Inventor!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, we wanted to wish a happy Father’s Day to the father of the oldest known lock.  The inventor’s name is not known, but the oldest one found by archeologists dates back 4,000 years to the Khorsabad Palace ruins near Nineveh.  It used a large wooden bolt to secure the door and had […]

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