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As you visit our blog, you’ll notice a post or two that reminds you that LockNet has been in the game now for quite some time (24 years to be exact).

We’ve grown like crazy, moving into three separate buildings (two for the warehouse and one for the office), and the lack of space in the parking lot shows how much the company has expanded.

But we’re never too big to forget our humble beginnings, and, with that in mind (and because today is what the cool kids call “Throwback Thursday”), we thought we’d take a look back at where it all started.

Throwback Thursday with LockNet

We’ve touted the fact that we’re a company four generations-strong, and we’re very proud of it, particularly because of all the history that comes along with it. It takes a lot of work to build a company from the ground up, but that’s exactly what Benson Miller did when he started LockNet.

LockNet actually started in the basement of LockMasters (our current sister company) with just three people, all of whom wore many different hats. Miller, for example, was also part of the sales team and even served as the director of the IT department.

This made for long and crazy work hours, but all three of those people put in the time and effort it needed. One night, in fact, when the Locknet servers crashed, Miller had his family bring him dinner and a sleeping bag, as he stuck it out for the long haul.

If that’s not dedication, I’m not sure what is.

Four Departments, Nationwide Availability

Sure, we might be located in a tiny suburb outside of Lexington, Kentucky but as we’ve expanded and grown, so has our availability.

We have four separate departments within the company that focus on completely separate services for our customers. This helps our clients get the service they need without having to go through lots of middle men.

Since the nineties, LockNet has grown to include more than 100 in-house employees–not counting all of the subcontractors–and though there’s a much different feel these days, that strong sense of family and commitment has never changed.

For more, we invite you to check out our About Us page. There’s more than enough information there to keep you entertained! Take a look and let us know what you think!


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