delayed egress

Shoplifting: Exit Alarms and Delayed Egress

Shoplifting is always going to be an issue if you work in the retail industry. It’s just a fact of life. Thankfully, working in the security industry like I do, I get to be in the know when it comes to preventative measures for problems like this. And lucky for you, I’m sharing my wealth […]

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Delayed Egress: Signage Requirements

Delayed egress continues to make its way into random conversations I’ve been having this week, and I feel like this may have been the universe nudging me to write a post about it. I’m not one to argue with the universe. As we’ve discussed here and here, it isn’t the simplest of topics. There are […]

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Shoplifting Prevention: Four Products to Consider

If you go to any loss prevention show, you know shoplifting prevention is always a hot topic. According to the most recent Jack L Hayes theft survey, more than $159 million was recovered from shoplifters in 2014. No wonder shoplifting prevention is top-of-mind! While at loss prevention shows, we are regularly asked, “What products do […]

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Trade Show Questions: Delayed Egress, Cabinet Locks and Key Systems

We did it! LockNet survived another trade show season. Not only do trade shows offer opportunities for us to meet old and new clients, it gives us a general idea of where the security industry is going. We keep track of the topics that are most talked about at the trade shows throughout the season […]

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Delayed Egress – Options, Regulations, & Implementation

Our sales team just got back from the National Retail Federation— Loss Prevention trade show, and the hot topic was delayed egress. One after another, people came by the booth to get more information. Questions ranged from how delayed egress works, to when it is allowed, to the issues with its implementation. Given the recent […]

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Top Five Code Violations and How to Correct Them

Would you be shocked if one of your managers allowed your stock room to look like this? Not only is this unsightly and a great way to lose inventory, but it’s also a breaks several important code violations. For example, per NFPA life safety code, all marked exits must be clear and accessible. Facility Directors […]

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