Black Friday is Almost Here! Are Your Doors and Locks Prepared?

Being in the door and lock industry, I like to make sure I cover the the big days in the retail world here on LockBytes. And, the mother of all retail days is almost upon us: Black Friday. That’s right, folks. Black Friday is a little more than two weeks away and it’s time to […]

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Winterizing Your Door and Lock Hardware: Tips for the Season

Winter is coming. (Is it lame to still use that Game of Thrones meme considering that’s from the first season and Winter has been coming in that show for about five years now?) With winter comes snow and ice (I weep for my fading summer tan) and that means, not only does your boat (if […]

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Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget Your Door Hardware!

The bees will buzz. The birds will sing. And your door will squeak because it’s gone all winter long without proper lubrication. If that’s the case, we have a few tips for you to get your door hardware ready to roll this spring season. Warmer weather typically brings more people out and about so you […]

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Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold: Winterize Your Hardware!

Winterize your hardware, I say? Yup. Your car isn’t the only item that needs a little extra TLC in the winter to keep it in good working condition for the warmer months. Ice, snow, & cold can wreak havoc on your hardware, but don’t worry; there are lots of simple things you can do to […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Keep Our Hardware Well Maintained

I happen to love the start of a new year. I like the feeling of a clean slate—getting to start over fresh and energized. I also like the possibility of really being able to make resolutions for change. Here’s a resolution we should all get behind: Let’s be a little gentler on our hardware in […]

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Key System Procedures – A Roadmap for Maintaining Your System’s Integrity

Have you ever gotten lost without a map (or Google Maps)?  It’s not a good feeling – trust me – it happens to me all the time.  A clear roadmap is always good to have. The same holds true with key systems.  Trying to maintain a key system without clear procedures is much like driving […]

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Top 10 Things You Can Do To Increase The Longevity Of Your Back Doors

Back doors can take a beating.  We receive over 31,000 service calls a year – so when I say we’ve seen it all, we have.  Take a look this back door.  Yes – this is a real door that we saw in the field.  While many of the service calls we receive are for issues like […]

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Physical Security Audit Checklist

Performing regular security audits is a best practice that every business should follow.  Every location is vulnerable to threats, be they physical theft, information theft, life safety risks to employees and patrons, and/or acts of God.  A survey performed by the NRF revealed that in 2012, organized retail crime was the highest it has been in […]

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Fire Code Violations – Preventing and Correcting them

All public facilities are subject to fire code inspections.  Fire marshals will often arrive unannounced to perform inspections, and if cited, managers and building owners are responsible for rectifying any violations.  In most instances, owners and managers are able to correct violations within the allotted time frame; however, there are times where violations are not […]

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