Black Friday is Almost Here! Are Your Doors and Locks Prepared?

Checklists > Black Friday is Almost Here! Are Your Doors and Locks Prepared?

doors and locksBeing in the door and lock industry, I like to make sure I cover the the big days in the retail world here on LockBytes. And, the mother of all retail days is almost upon us: Black Friday.

That’s right, folks.

Black Friday is a little more than two weeks away and it’s time to make sure your facility’s doors and locks are prepared for the influx of customers rushing to get in on all the savings you are offering this season.

There are a few necessary steps to take to get your doors ready for Black Friday and I’m here to help you out.

Black Friday Prep

General Maintenance: Doors and Locks

Before any big event, there are a few things you want to go over when it comes to doors and locks. First, you want to check to make sure none of them grind, stick, or drag when they’re opened. If they do, that can be a sign of a problem you definitely want fixed before you have holiday shoppers bustling through your doors.

Make sure all of your doors are operating smoothly. I don’t mean this in the figurative sense of the word, either. They should all glide open smoothly without any sort of “sticky” feeling. If a locking mechanism won’t release or if the door is getting stuck on an obstruction, you have an issue that needs to be resolved.

These are relatively simple fixes, but should be taken care of in a timely matter.

Hardware Grades

Hardware grades should be up to standard before Black Friday rolls around, but just in case they aren’t, I’m giving you a second chance to right this wrong. A lower grade hardware for your doors and locks than what is necessary can lead to a whole heap of trouble. It can wear your door out before its time, causing replacement fees, repair fees, and much more.

Now, imagine if all of that happened in one night because you have a such a huge influx of customers barging through your doors looking for the hottest deals?

Check the hardware grades on all of your doors and locks. If you’re working with the correct grades, you should have nothing worry about. If you aren’t, you need to look into replacing those with the correct hardware grades and pronto.

Door Closers

Door closers are a hot topic around these parts—and with good reason. Your door closer is a lifesaver for your door and your sanity. Can you think of anything more annoying than a slamming door?

That’s exactly what you’ll have on your hands if your door closer breaks in the midst of Black Friday.

Before the big day arrives, you should make sure your door closers are in good working condition. Not only will this help with the door slamming, but it will help with climate control within your facility.

If you need help with your doors and locks before Black Friday gets here, give us a call! We’d love to help you out.


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