Who Needs Firemen When You Have LockNet?

The employees at LockNet saved a life last week. And while, no, I do not think firemen are replaceable with LockNet employees, I will say I was completely impressed with how willing they were to jump in and help with a situation that arose unexpectedly. It also really highlights the kind of attitude the employees […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Whitney Perkins

We’ve almost made it to the end! This weekend LockNet will be participating in the Jessamine County Relay for Life and all of our hard work over the last few weeks will finally come to fruition. The employees here at LockNet have worked hard and had fun while they raised money for the cause.  There were […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Samantha Mudd

We’re continuing to share LockNet employees’ personal experiences with cancer in the weeks leading up to Relay for Life and this week, I’m featuring Samantha Mudd. Sam has been at LockNet for a little less than a year now and when I sat in on her interview to be hired, I can remember her telling […]

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LockNet Personal Cancer Story: Diana Thielen

We’re up to our third installment in the LockNet series of personal cancer stories and today, we’re featuring Diana Thielen. Diana began with LockNet earlier this year and has fit right in with everyone. She’s kind to everyone she sees and is a really hard worker. Unfortunately, Diana’s experience with cancer involved herself. She’s better […]

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LockNet Employees Share Personal Experiences with Cancer

  Last week I told you how LockNet is participating in the Jessamine County Relay for Life event next month. This event is geared toward those who have been affected by cancer. Whether it be a loved one or themselves, people have stories to tell. Because LockNet is a family-run business, our culture focuses on […]

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LockNet Gets Ready for the Jessamine County Relay for Life

Even though LockNet services businesses across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Guam, we are still Kentucky built and raised company and feel it’s very important to support our hometown of Nicholasville, KY. One of the ways we do that is through company-wide participation in local community events throughout the year.   One […]

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The LockNet Guiding Principles: All About Safety

*Tap! Tap! Tap! Is this thing on? Anyone still out there? So, you may have noticed that LockBytes took a bit of an unexpected break. (If you didn’t notice, don’t hurt my feelings and just pretend you did.) We’re doing big things with our fancy computer stuff over here and the website took a hit […]

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