Security Hinges: What Are You Working With?

I recently had someone ask me to go over some of the basic hardware in the door and lock industry and specifically mentioned security hinges. A hinge is a hinge is a hinge, right? Before I worked in the industry, I thought so, but oh so little did I know… Hinges, while simple and often […]

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Winter Weather Preps: Weather Stripping, Magnetic Key Covers & More

The high here in Nicholasville, Kentucky today is 35 degrees. Right now, as I look outside, there’s a flurry of white flakes. I’m sitting at my desk wrapped up in a giant, cozy sweater and a fleece blanket because, to me, anything below 70 degrees is unacceptable and if someone offered me a house in […]

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Your House Isn’t Haunted, You Just Need Some Door Maintenance

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the season. While some people actually might be the victims of unfortunate ghost incidents, these are typically the same people who were dumb enough to build their houses on graveyards or the like. (Did we learn NOTHING from Poltergeist?) Luckily, most of […]

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How to Increase Security Without Depleting Your Wallet

You want to increase security. Does that mean you should expect a higher price tag? Not necessarily.  And this goes for both home security and commercial security! There are many options available for those who want to increase security but not drain their bank account to do so. Increasing security doesn’t always have to include […]

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Door Hinges – What Kind Do I Need?

When it comes to commercial doors, specifying the correct types of door hinges is critically important if you want to avoid expensive repairs down the road.  Improperly specified hinges is one of the most common issues we find when performing specification reviews.  So, this leads to the question: What type of door hinges do I […]

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10 Ways to Winterize Your Door & Lock Hardware

Yes, you read that right – it’s time to start thinking about the beating your facility will take this winter. Plus, we’re hoping to be the first ones on the “Winterize Your ___” bandwagon this fall. Your snow tires, heating units, and boats aren’t the only things that should be prepared for the cold weather. […]

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Wood Doors as Durable as They Are Beautiful

On Tuesday, we discussed the issues that commonly arise when using wood doors on an exterior opening. While wood doors are beautiful, they just can’t hold up to the elements like they need to. CurriStain doors solve this problem, but that still leaves you scratching your head on what to do about your interior wood […]

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