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rear doorI recently had someone ask me to go over some of the basic hardware in the door and lock industry and specifically mentioned security hinges.

A hinge is a hinge is a hinge, right?

Before I worked in the industry, I thought so, but oh so little did I know…

Hinges, while simple and often overlooked, are actually one of the best ways to increase security on your doors without spending an arm and a leg. Plus, they can help with the longevity of your door. If you know the basics of hinges, you can use this knowledge much like Luke uses the Force.

(Kidding. It isn’t that cool, but it is helpful.)

Types of Security Hinges

Security hinges are hinges you definitely want on any exterior or secure door. They provide more protection than the average hinge and, while they may run a little more cost-wise, in the long run this is definitely something you want.

Continuous Hinges

These are great options if you’re looking for extra security. They run the full length of the door and are almost always used for heavy-duty interior or exterior doors. These guys can either be geared or pin and barrel (a pin links both leaves of a hinge together.) Geared hinges are linked together by two gears that are enclosed in a casing.

If it’s a pin and barrel continuous hinge, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between this and a regular old butt hinge. A continuous hinge runs the entire length of the door, meaning the pin is also running the entire length of the door.

If a criminal wanted to get past one of these, they would have to cut the hinge the entire length of the door in order to remove the door. This would take a decent amount of time and it would be dumb for anyone to risk it.

Butt Hinge with Non-removable Pins

A butt hinge is probably what you think about when a hinge comes to mind. Except with butt hinges that have non-removable pins, you can’t remove the pin from the barrel. You would have to cut the barrel completely off the hinge if you wanted to get the door off the opening.

Security Studs

Security studs are options for butt hinges that lock the two leaves of the hinge together when the door is closed. The stud on one leaf mates into a hole on the other leaf. This allows the door to stay secure even if the pin is removed from the barrel or if the barrel is cut off the hinge because the two leaves are still locked into one another. If you were determined to get this door from its opening you would have to pry the frame away from the door.

Regardless what hinge you choose, this information should be able to help further your decision along. Of course, if you have more questions, feel free to contact us any time!

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