Preventing Fire Code Violations – Ensuring the Safety of Your Facilities

Fire code violations aren’t always top of mind – it usually takes an incident or a visit from the fire marshal to spur us into action.  All public facilities are subject to fire code inspections; fire marshals will often arrive unannounced to perform inspections. If cited, managers and building owners are responsible for rectifying any […]

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8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a National Service Provider

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a potential client. Just receiving  a call from a highly sought after [potential] client is an exciting way to finish a long day at the office, but my interest peaked when he revealed his job function – “Design & Construction – National Accounts”. As it […]

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Physical Security Audit Programs – A Cursory Guide to Increasing the Safety of Your Facilities

How secure are your facilities?  Over the last few years, you’ve probably experienced a rise in organized retail crime (ORC) and shoplifting.   A survey performed by the NRF revealed that in 2012, organized retail crime was the highest it has been in 7 years.  Nine out of every ten retailers were affected by organized retail […]

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Top 10 Things You Can Do To Increase The Longevity Of Your Back Doors

Back doors can take a beating.  We receive over 31,000 service calls a year – so when I say we’ve seen it all, we have.  Take a look this back door.  Yes – this is a real door that we saw in the field.  While many of the service calls we receive are for issues like […]

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Physical Security Audit Checklist

Performing regular security audits is a best practice that every business should follow.  Every location is vulnerable to threats, be they physical theft, information theft, life safety risks to employees and patrons, and/or acts of God.  A survey performed by the NRF revealed that in 2012, organized retail crime was the highest it has been in […]

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