Door Terminology-Door and Hardware Schedule Abbreviations

When I look at a door and hardware schedule, the door terminology can be so confusing I feel like I’m reading a legal contract. It might as well say, “Hitherto, henceforth, the LHR, FRP G door with a KD frame shall be held in a binding agreement notwithstanding improper installation.” Say what? The truth of […]

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Galvanized vs. Galvanneal Steel – What’s the Difference?

Think fast! What’s the difference between galvanized and galvanneal steel? (No googling!) Let’s be honest – unless you’re intimately familiar with doors you have no idea. In fact, I vaguely remember being chastised by one of our resident AHCs for using these terms interchangeably when I first joined the team. That was a fast lesson […]

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Door Handing – How To Hand a Door

Door handing is a process explained in each of our departments on a regular basis. The ‘handing’ of a door refers to the direction in which the door swings.  Door handing is important for a two main reasons.  First, you want to ensure that the door you are installing swings in the proper direction.  Second, […]

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