Flu Season Ramps Up: Antimicrobial Finishes & Hands-Free Options Might Be the Answer

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This has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory here in Kentucky. I can’t even count the number of people who were sick over the holidays with the flu.

My dad had to go to the ER for an unrelated incident (he’s fine) and there were at least thirty cases in the waiting room of possible flu. (A nurse told me this, I didn’t just try and count and assume.) One of our nurses in the ER left before she finished her shift with my dad because SHE was coming down with the flu.

It was crazy;15 and all I could think about was it somehow mutating and before long we’d be living out a real life 28 Days Later.

Then I slathered on obscene amounts of hand sanitizer and began writing this article.

Antimicrobial Finishes and Hardware

During flu season I’m even more thankful for antimicrobial hardware. Copper is naturally toxic to germs and doesn’t allow them to live on the surface. This is a huge lifesaver in schools and other public facilities.

Sargent now offers an antimicrobial finish that suppresses microbes. It’s available in silver, if copper isn’t the look you want.

Both of these options are more expensive than standard hardware, but if germs are a concern, it’s worth it. With a flu season like this one, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want to pony up a little extra dough.

Hands-Free Options

Any sort of hands-free option is going to be a great choice when it comes to avoiding germs during the cold and flu season. In the restroom, you have the option for hands-free restroom kits.

These come equipped with a motion sensor that trips a relay when a patron’s hand is swiped in front of it. The door operator is then triggered, the door opens, and allows the customer to escape germ free!

(There isn’t anywhere much grosser than a bathroom door pull…hands-free restroom kits are a life-saver during this time of year.)

You also  have your choice of automatic door openers for other doors throughout your facility. You can choose from full-power or low-energy operators.

Both options allow the customer to enter or exit a building without having to come into contact with the door because they open when a sensor is triggered when someone nears the door. The low-energy operator has the option of being pushed open manually, but it isn’t mandatory.

Are you looking for more ways to keep your facility germ-free? Are you curious about antimicrobial finishes? We can help! Contact us today!


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