Key System: Standard Core vs. Interchangeable Core – What’s The Difference?

When establishing a key system, one of the first decisions to make is the type of core you want to use.  From there, you can go onto deciding on the system type, additional options, policies, and procedures.  However, all of that starts with the basics – do you want a standard core or an interchangeable […]

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Key System 101 – From System Selection to Implementation and Beyond

Key systems are a critical component to help manage the security of any facility.  When properly administered, key systems provide numerous benefits, including: Restricting who can access keys, using one key for multiple doors and/or locations (no more massive key rings), and simple key orders. While seemingly simple, key systems are actually quite complex.  It […]

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Transferring Key Systems to a New Vendor

The thought of transferring key systems, while sometimes necessary, is often very daunting.  Your blood pressure all but shoots through the roof as you start to ask yourself a bunch of questions: Will the transition be seamless?  Will I still be able to get cores and keys to match my existing system? Do I need […]

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Cams & Tailpieces – How Cylinders Work

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the different types of cylinders; I thought it would be fitting to move on to  the mechanics a cylinder uses to operate a device – the cam or tailpiece.  Cams and tailpieces attach to the back of the cylinder.  When the key is turned, it rotates the cam or […]

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Types of Cylinders – What’s The Difference?

When ordering locks, you will most likely need to specify the type of cylinder you need.  The list of options is a long one: mortise, rim, key in knob, key in lever, deadbolt, and profile.  But don’t let this throw you – it’s pretty easy to distinguish each of the types of cylinders. Before we […]

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Key Systems: eCylinders – The Amazing, The Mundane, and The Considerations

Last week on our key system journey we ventured through the always exciting world of standard and interchangeable cylinders; with the anticipation of eCylinders and basic access control this week.  So what’s different about an eCylinder? A step below what most of us consider “access control,” it is a cylinder that uses electronic keys.  eCylinders […]

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