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security access controlIf you work in the retail or restaurant space, it’s a sure bet you have a commercial safe to secure your cash (hopefully lots of it!).

Have you ever stopped and thought, “Self, is my safe really secure enough to protect my valuables? Is there something better out there?”

Well if you have, you my friend, are in luck. In this week’s edition of Locks and Links, we are covering a low-down on safes.

Commercial Safe: How to Select the Right One

safe insurance, secure safes, commercial safeOne of the best ways to figure out what class of commercial safe you need is to look at the amount of insurance coverage you need to protect the contents of the safe. Insurance coverage varies based on the class of safe that you have.

Another way to look at it is to consider how resistant your safe needs to be to break-in attempts. Different classes of safes are tested for various amounts of time and are either tool resistant, torch resistant, or both.

Safe Locks: What to Consider

There are a ton of different types of commercial safe locks available in today’s market. How do you wade through all of the options?

Just like safes, there are different types of locks that are resistant to various levels of manipulation.

Once you determine the type of commercial safe you need, it’s time to look at all the options.

At a minimum, we recommend installing a lock that has a penalty lockout.

Safe Repair: Keep Your Safe in Good Repair

Once you have your commercial safe container and the lock selected, it’s important to keep your safe in good repair.

There are six things you should do to ensure your safe continues to work properly:

  1.       Do not leave the door open;
  2.       Do not close the door with the bolt work extended;
  3.       Ensure that the closing path is clear;
  4.       If you have an electronic keypad, don’t set liquids on the safe;
  5.       Get your safe serviced annually; and
  6.       Replace batteries with high-quality batteries.

If you have any questions about selecting a commercial safe, a lock, or keeping your safe well maintained, let us know.

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