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Commercial Safe Answers: What You Should Know

If you work in the retail or restaurant space, it’s a sure bet you have a commercial safe to secure your cash (hopefully lots of it!). Have you ever stopped and thought, “Self, is my safe really secure enough to protect my valuables? Is there something better out there?” Well if you have, you my […]

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Home Security Locks: Locks and Links

Last night, someone decided it would be fun to rifle through my husband’s truck that was accidentally left unlocked. Thankfully nothing was stolen, but it made me think through our security vulnerabilities. Fortunately, we have home security locks and a security system that would make life difficult should these thieves ever try to enter our […]

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Locks and Links: The LockNet Roundup

If you’ve paid attention to all the security news of late, you’ll notice we are inundated with talk of digital security in locks. Every other article, it seems, reviews the latest digital smart lock, the improvement of digital keys, and whether the execution of such ideas is safe. While digital keys and smart locks are […]

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Locks & Links: The LockNet Roundup

Yesterday Kentucky was absolutely hammered with a huge snowstorm which practically shut down the entire state. (We’re in the South. We don’t handle frozen precipitation very well. Even the mall was closed, for Pete’s sake!) Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, though, we’re still here with your monthly roundup of door, lock, and security news. So, […]

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