LockNet Employees Share Personal Experiences with Cancer


Katie's father-in-law with her daughter, Sarah
Katie’s father-in-law with her daughter, Sarah

Last week I told you how LockNet is participating in the Jessamine County Relay for Life event next month. This event is geared toward those who have been affected by cancer. Whether it be a loved one or themselves, people have stories to tell.

Because LockNet is a family-run business, our culture focuses on supporting one another and our families. Relay for Life has allowed us to learn more about one another and what’s important to each of us outside of work. During the next several weeks, I am going to share some of the stories we’ve heard from our LockNet colleagues about cancer, and their experiences.

LockNet Employee Story: Katie Willie

Katie, our strategic director of HR, has been posting employee stories  in the break room. Because you don’t get to see our break room, I made sure to get everyone’s permission to share the stories here. We’ll begin with Katie.

“In 2011, our family was rocked by the news that Zach’s dad (her father-in-law) had been diagnosed with throat cancer. He had to undergo chemo and radiation that caused him to lose all of his tastebuds and made him feel pretty miserable. A few months after his diagnosis, we announced that we were expecting our first child. That gave Billy a ray of sunshine in his storm.

He fought hard and beat cancer. He is one of the lucky few who is now cancer-free and in remission five years later.” ~ Katie Willie

How You Can Share Your Story

It’s not secret that cancer affects millions of people and if you have a story you’d like to share, we would love to hear it. You can email me the stories directly to me and, with your permission, I can share them on the blog in this series we’ll be doing over the next few weeks. Just be sure to mention in the subject of the email that it’s for the cancer series.

How You Can Help

Cancer isn’t particular about who it chooses to affect, and while there isn’t a cure, we can help by donating to research. If you’d like to support the LockNet team in the Jessamine County Relay for Life, you can do so here. If you have any questions, or would like to share your story with us, please let me know. You can contact us here or leave your comment in the comment section down below. Either way, we would love to hear from you!


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