Door Hardware Specification Review: A Walk Through

Have you ever sat down and looked at your door hardware specification? Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? (Can you sense my sarcasm?) But, if you grabbed a pot of coffee and poured over your specs, my guess is you would notice a few things that needed improvement. We find multiple issues on every review we perform. […]

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Delayed Egress – Options, Regulations, & Implementation

Our sales team just got back from the National Retail Federation— Loss Prevention trade show, and the hot topic was delayed egress. One after another, people came by the booth to get more information. Questions ranged from how delayed egress works, to when it is allowed, to the issues with its implementation. Given the recent […]

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5 Door Maintenance Issues: Through the Eyes of a Door Nerd

If you want to notice door maintenance issues wherever you go, just come and work at LockNet. You will officially become a door nerd and will never look at doors and locks the same way again. I always made fun of my parents and brother growing up, because they constantly inspected doors wherever we went. […]

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The Hidden Cost of Improper Door Plans: What You Should Know

Did you know that improper door plans could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Yes—you read that correctly. If your door plans specify doors and hardware that violate ADA code, you could be fined $55,000-$110,000 per violation. Yikes! And that’s not the only way they can cost you. Here are the top three ways […]

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Top Five Code Violations and How to Correct Them

Would you be shocked if one of your managers allowed your stock room to look like this? Not only is this unsightly and a great way to lose inventory, but it’s also a breaks several important code violations. For example, per NFPA life safety code, all marked exits must be clear and accessible. Facility Directors […]

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Delayed Egress– The Dos and Don’ts

Delayed egress is something that many Facilities Managers and Loss Prevention Managers want to install to deter theft; however, it’s not always safe (or allowed).  Understanding the dos and don’ts of delayed egress can be confusing, so let’s walk through it. What Is Delayed Egress? Delayed egress is a locking feature that delays the opening […]

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ADA Compliance For Doors – Are You Up To Code?

Have you ever sat down and looked at the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) code book?  My guess is that you haven’t pored over all 279 pages.  It’s enough to make anyone go cross-eyed – especially the door section.  There are so many numbers and exceptions that it’s enough to confuse even the veterans of our […]

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