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door hardwareWe try to keep it educational around these parts. I hope you walk away with at least some tidbits of information with every article you read. This is part of the reason I love the Locks and Links series so much.


Also, it’s a little bit like cheating.


I put all of the information in one spot for you and you have to do no searching! How easy is that??


Locks and Links: All About Door Hardware


An Architectural Hardware Case Study  

I thought I’d pull out the big guns first. A few months ago, I wrote a case study discussing the results that can occur if you stray from your door hardware specifications. Those results can cost you a lot of extra money you didn’t have planned. This particular piece has a lot of very helpful information you can use if you’re getting ready to start the process of a new building. This is a downloadable piece, but come on, guys! That’s not too much to ask!


It’s All in the Details: Welded Frames, Consistent Leversets, and Hardware Finishes

So many facility managers I know complain about the details of their facility and wish a detail here or there could be different. Most of the time it’s something very small, but it throws off the balance of the look throughout the entire building. Granted, it isn’t some glaring mistake customers see and declare to never return to the store because of it. However, details are important and this article goes into why. It gives you tips on what you can do to give your store that extra boost.


Door Hardware Maintenance: It’s That Easy

Keeping our door hardware in good working condition slips most of our minds until it actually isn’t in working condition anymore. This post has a simple list of checks you can run through to help keep your door hardware running smoothly. This will help save you time and money when you don’t have to buy a replacement for whatever part you ignored for too long until it finally broke. And who doesn’t love saving money?


Of course, this list doesn’t cover all of the posts we’ve ever written about door hardware on LockBytes. If you have any questions we haven’t answered, we’d be happy to help you out. Just click this link to contact us and someone will be in touch soon!


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