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The break room is full of food, laughter, and chatter as we celebrate Halloween LockNet style. One of the best parts of Halloween costumes at the office is the rare glimpse into the personal creativity and pastimes of coworkers and management staff.

An anything-goes potluck is the perfect excuse to get up from your desk and give your eyes a break from the computer screen. Comfort food and candy coupled with a costume parade for everyone who channeled their inner child and participated in the contest has upped the ante for next year’s Halloween festivities.

Company Halloween

Eddie Bradley, Manager – Architectural Door and Hardware Solutions has become known for his creative hand crafted costumes, including a hammerhead shark and the daydreaming man the once-famous Arby’s commercials. Never one to disappoint, he enters the contest this year as none other than a package of Starbucks Caffé Verona blend coffee. It’s safe to say Eddie is a Starbucks super-fan; his past costumes have also included “The Masked Starbucks Barista”.

company halloween

What would a costume contest without a few pop culture references? Account Admin, Chris Royalty, is known for ‘getting into character’ during these contests, and this year was no different. His rendition of Rick from The Walking Dead included avoiding eye contact at all times, in true ‘Rick’ form.

company halloween

Technical Support Engineer, Ian Greene, says he was simply a ‘hunter’ which was thrown together at the last minute after forgetting to prepare his costume. I say, throw a little blood on that camouflage and he’s straight from The Walking Dead. Looks like LockNet will be well prepared should the zombie apocalypse strike today.

company halloween

Lena, Technical Service Representative, is the reigning champ of the 2012 Costume contest, and I’m fairly certain she looks forward to Halloween 300 days a year. She’s been itching to wear her [very] silver crayon costume since she ordered it, which was well over two months ago.

company halloween

Cindy Goodwin is a veteran of the LockNet staff and represents one part of the accounting department’s ‘Romper Room’ group costume. Creativity and teamwork – how do you argue with that?!

LockNet Halloween 2013

The creativity of LockNet employees is hard at work! Conversation of costumes and collaboration has been going on for weeks! Do you have a prediction for the winner of the 2013 contest?

And the winner of LockNet’s company Halloween contest is…….

company halloween

Lena Thornton! Congratulations to Lena and the runners up Eddie Bradley and Alaina Eldridge.


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