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Meet the Members of the LockNet Team!

Sales & Marketing

Thomas Downs

Sales Operations Manager

One wife. Two kids. My four year old wanted to name our dog Party Downs.

Jeff Kirkner

Project Manager

Office dog whisperer. Project manager by day, homebrewer by night, whitewater kayaker on the weekends. Need I say more?

Elise Miller

Director - Business Development

Ginger (obviously.) Fine wine. Fireball liquer. Dogs. Baby animals in general. I want to die by drowning in a sea of designer shoes.

Thomas Howard

Project Manager

Sports fanatic. Craft beer aficionado. Amateur meteorologist.  Proud member of the Big Blue Nation.  Go Cats!

David Path

Sales Engineer

Wisconsin native. Kentucky proud. Bourbon drinking dad of two. Resident photographer. I pronounce all my long O’s weird.

Jeremiah Perkins

Project Manager

Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Curry Douglass

Project Manager

It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.


Cindy Goodwin

Accounting Associate

Wife. Love to paint and garden.

Vera Treadway


Daughter of the King. Mom. Grandma. Sister. Friend. Juggler of tasks.

Becky Brummer

AR Collections Associate

Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Love my family, the great outdoors and the Kentucky Wildcats.

Kimberly Denton

Accounting Associate

Mother of two wonderful children. Love the sun, water and open sunroofs.

Kerstin Wake

Administrator - Electromechanical Solutions

Wife and lover of travel. “People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute.” ~ Gilmore Girls

Amanda Jasper

Accounting Associate

Music addict. TWD fanatic. Belongs on a beach.

Jessica Grimwood

Administrative Assistant

Loves to crochet. Momma. Doggie lover.


Chad Miller


Husband. Ironman. Tech Geek. Listener of EDM and heavy metal. Empathetic but with zero patience. Bald by choice, not by fate.

Zach Willie


Dad. Football fanatic. Mr. Fix-it.

Architectural Door & Hardware

Teresa Waldon

Project Manager

Wife to Rick. Mom to two. “Momma T” to more than a few. Avid reader. Bowler. Love to bake. Never be sad, I’ll make you a cake!

Donald Bain

Account Administrator

Lucky husband and dog dad. Smoked meat and board game enthusiast.

Pam Peel

Project Manager

Three call me Mom. Four call me Nana. Love to fish. Books. Family. Friends.

Kory Chandler

Project Manager

Awesome. Beachgoer. If I’m not at work, I’m probably at the lake.

Kevin Dinsmore

Project Manager

Husband. Father. Drummer at heart. Star Wars and horror movie enthusiast. Fan of any good music. Die hard UK Basketball fan.

Jim Larson


Kentucky transplant from Wisconsin. Running. Hiking. Guitar. Back to the Future nerd. Railroad enthusiast. Packers/ Brewers fan. Sucker for all things dairy.

Sam Harris

Account Administrator

Gerri Lynne Day

ADHS Coordinator

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Toby Williams

Project Manager

Kirstie Thompson

ADHS Administrator


Tom Western

Manager of Electromechanical Solutions

Retired Marine. Like going to the beach with my family. Listen to Jimmy Buffett and classical piano. Fascinated by how many ways there are to lock a door.

Amy Yates

Service Project Coordinator

Expert Alohomora. A Husker living in Wildcat Country. Enjoying country life in Harrodsburg with my husband, dog and cats.

Josh Bain

Lead Project Coordinator

What they said. –>

Talena Yanders

Project Coordinator - Special Projects

Perpetually single soccer mom with awesome hair.

Leah McFarland

Project Coordinator - Special Projects

Wannabe beach bum. Love working on my home. Cooking. Wine. Dance parties in my kitchen. #BBN.

David Graham

Project Coordinator

I’m an avid movie buff and consider myself an amateur writer… or is it immature writer? I can’t remember.

Matthew Lewis

Service Account Administrator

Production & Shipping

Justin Jewell

Inventory Control Manager

Husband. Father. Adventurist. Greek Gyro aficionado/connoisseur.

Jeff Jasper

Production Manager


Neal Yoder

ADHS Manager

Husband. Dad. Bluegrass Buckeye.

Jay Wallace

Service Project Coordinator

I live off of Diablo sandwiches and Dr. Pepper, and can start a fire with flint and steel.

Jeffrey Carroll

Account Administrator

Jessica Pinson

Service Project Coordinator

Love to paint and am a huge Nintendo fan. My life revolves around my diabetic cat and making sure he gets Second Breakfast.

Larry Hudson

Account Administrator

Dad. Basketball coach for a youth league. Love to create and build cosplay costumes. Comic/Movie/Video games collector. Been at LockNet for 11 years. Problem solver.

Lena Austin

Service Project Coordinator

Travel. Shopping. Music. Lifelong Parrot Head.

Miah Campbell

Account Administrator

This space intentionally left blank.

Richard Gaisser

Service Project Coordinator

Walking encyclopedia of trivial information. Archer. Programmer. Outdoorsman. Martial artist. Craftsman. Writer.

Whitney Perkins

Service Project Coordinator

Baking Enthusiast. Amateur photographer. Juke Box Hero. Championship banana pudding maker. Lover of all things Kentucky.

Ian Greene

Technical Liaison

Aspiring to be a better disciple. Husband. Father. Son. Friend.

Joey Feurstein

Service Project Coordinator

Eddie Bradley

Total Quality Analyst

Brandi Kluxen

Service Project Coordinator

Ryan Hadley

Service Project Coordinator

Paulette Patterson

Service Project Coordinator


David Caldwell

IT Support

Planes. Cameras. Guitars. LockNet.

Jonathan Snyder

Project Coordinator


Carla Miller

Purchasing Administrator

Mom. Music lover (80’s hair bands & heavy metal preferred.) Softball/wresting mom. Love to go antiquing. Enjoy taking camping/fishing trips. The rest is a mystery. HMMMM!

Lisa Brown


Two grown daughters. 3 year old grandson. Work. Family. Gym. That’s my life.

Justin Tunbridge

Procurement Manager

Tracy Yates

Category Specialist Buyer

Human Resources

Katie Willie

Strategic Director of Human Resources

Mama of two. Dog lover. Enjoys the great outdoors and travelling.

Trish Hobdy

Human Resources Administrator

Mom of two athletes. Music. Photography. Motorcycles. Football. Good food. Love helping employees at LockNet.

Office Royalty

Harvey Miller

Lovable goof ball. Furry cuddle buddy. Nap king.

Kiwi Miller

Too good for most things. I’ll take my chicken roasted, please.

Ollie Willie

Resident dumpster diver. Snooty pants. World’s best lap dog.

Arlo Willie

Office Royalty

Professional food thief. Lover of all people. Makes a crazy toddler look tame.