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TechHere at LockNet we get the opportunity to work with technicians far and wide. Our TSRs talk to them on a daily basis and really get to know many of them on a much more personal level. Since our techs are an integral part of our company, we thought it was important that we show them just how much we appreciate all of their hard work by spotlighting them on LockBytes. This will be an ongoing series that will help our readers get to know the techs that we work with day in and day out. Katie and I in the marketing department put together a survey for the techs to take that gives us a glance into a range of different subjects varying from the most common code violation they see in the field to the funniest job they’ve been called out on.

This post features Chris Tardiff of Key Concepts of Salem, LLC. We’ve been working with Chris since 2007 and he’s always mentioned as one of LockNet’s most valuable techs. In fact, “reliable” is a word that almost always comes up when anyone around here mentions Chris; and in the world of locksmiths, I’m not sure there’s a more important trait. I went around to some of our TSRs to see what they had to say. Many of them mentioned Chris’ band ShowDown while others mentioned his love for his son. Either way, there were nothing but kind words spoken about this guy! Take a minute to sit back and let me introduce you to Chris.

LockNet Tech Partner – Chris Tardiff


Any areas of specialty for your company?

Company Specialties

What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to facility managers to keep locking and door hardware in proper working order?
Biggest Piece of AdviceWhat’s the most common code violation you see in the field?

common code violation

What are some types of issues that you’ve been dispatched for that can easily be fixed by store managers?

Easily Fixed

What’s the funniest work order you have ever been dispatched on?

Funniest Work Order


Keep an eye out for future posts highlighting more of our great techs!

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