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11049949243_b26c7213a4_bTrend tracking can be exhausting on a large scale, and within the door and hardware industry new concepts seem to be emerging at lightning speed. While it may seem tedious, all successful businesses keep an eye on industry trends and ways to stay ahead, or at least with, the pack through innovation or early implementation. HID Global is an industry leader in secure identity solutions and towards the end of 2012 they came up with this list of the top ten access control trends to be on the lookout for in 2013. I’m pretty confident this would never make Dave Letterman’s top ten, but it definitely makes ours.

HID Global’s Top 10 Access Control Trends for 2013

  1. Users are seeking a more “frictionless” security experience, with solutions that are built on open standards to ensure interoperability, adaptability and credential portability to mobile devices
  2. Mobile access control adoption will accelerate and evolve to change the industry
  3. Mobile access control solutions will still co-exist with cards
  4. Access control continues to converge – both on cards and on NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled mobile devices
  5. Card technology will continue to migrate from prox to magstripe to smarter smart cards with additional, multi-layered security
  6. Mobile access control is accelerating identity managements move to the cloud, supported by new managed services
  7. Security issuance advancements are simplifying how cards are produced and distributed, while also making them more secure
  8. Trusted NFC tags will change how we secure assets and protect consumers
  9. FIPS-201 technology is fueling robust personal identification security and moving beyond federal agencies and contractors to commercial applications
  10. Visitor management technology is increasingly being integrated with access control systems

To read the detailed list of these trends, including definitions and how HID thinks they’ll impact the industry in 2013 click here. What are your predictions for access control in 2013?

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