Bring Facility Hygiene to a Higher Level with MicroShield

Silver-based finish/coating inhibits microbial growth

A new tool to improve facility hygiene and cleanliness is at hand with MicroShield™, an antimicrobial finish/coating available on door and hardware products from ASSA ABLOY Group brands.

Facility hygiene programs emphasize the cleanliness of high-touch building components such as doors, levers, exit devices, push plates and pull bars. Factory applied antimicrobial finishes and coatings inhibit the growth of microbes on the door and hardware surfaces, contributing to a cleaner facility.

MicroShield™ delivers protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria and microbes.

How it works

MicroShield is a silver-based material added to door coatings and hardware finishes that successfully inhibits growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and other microbes, making it ideal for use in applications that require enhanced facility hygiene. This proven technology is non-organic and destroys the organisms in three ways:

  •  by attacking the cell wall
  • interrupting metabolism
  • preventing reproduction

The silver-based antimicrobial technology contributes to better facility hygiene by reducing microbial growth on door and hardware surface. The antimicrobial application, available on CECO, CURRIES and MAIMAN doors and CORBIN RUSSWIN, McKINNEY, ROCKWOOD, SARGENT and YALE hardware products, serves as an accessory to a facility’s hand hygiene protocols and environmental services cleaning initiatives.

Link to Article on ASSA Abloy’s Website


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