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Secure Your Doors with Five Simple Products

It seems like every time I turn on the news, I hear about some type of break-in or theft. Being in the lock industry, I immediately think, “What products could help prevent these issues?” The good news is there is no shortage of products you can use to secure your doors and reduce the likelihood […]

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Delayed Egress – Options, Regulations, & Implementation

Our sales team just got back from the National Retail Federation— Loss Prevention trade show, and the hot topic was delayed egress. One after another, people came by the booth to get more information. Questions ranged from how delayed egress works, to when it is allowed, to the issues with its implementation. Given the recent […]

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Exit Door Alarm: What Is Best For Me?

Did you know that something as simple as an exit door alarm can help reduce employee theft? According to the 2013 Jack L Hayes survey, employee theft is one of the most severe problems faced by the retail and restaurant industries. The survey found that 78,085 dishonest employees were apprehended with recoveries that totaled more […]

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Delayed Egress– The Dos and Don’ts

Delayed egress is something that many Facilities Managers and Loss Prevention Managers want to install to deter theft; however, it’s not always safe (or allowed).  Understanding the dos and don’ts of delayed egress can be confusing, so let’s walk through it. What Is Delayed Egress? Delayed egress is a locking feature that delays the opening […]

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Panic Bar Vs. Exit Bar – Which One Is Right For Your Facility?

We manage a lot of projects for our customers, and a common one is upgrading exit hardware.  One of the first questions we are faced with by our customers is: “Does my facility need a panic bar or an exit bar?” Aesthetically, it can be fairly easy to confuse a panic bar and an exit […]

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Malfunctioning Motorized SVR Exit Devices – 3 Solutions

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s market.  While they carry a host of features and benefits, they are not without their unique set of installation and troubleshooting issues. We install and service a large number of Surface Vertical Rod, or SVR Exit Devices with Motorized Latch Retraction.  A common issue we hear about […]

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Exit Door Alarms – Options & Considerations

Be it employee theft, safety concerns, or general awareness, there are multiple reasons why organizations need to know if their back of house door is opened.  We have received questions from many of you asking: What exit door alarm products can I use that will restrict access to the back of house door and/or alert […]

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Exit Devices – A “Dog” of a Different Breed

Written by LockNet Technical Service Representative, Dillon Campbell We were told that we need to install exit devices on our storefront doors. What options do we have so that the doors will always be unlocked? When you think of an exit device, you typically picture a door that is locked from the outside and allows […]

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