LockNet’s business philosophy mirrors our own: Use quality products and provide exceptional service. Their attention to detail when determining the customer’s needs allows us to be better prepared prior to job-site arrival, resulting in more efficient service calls, quicker resolution of the customers’ problem and fewer return trips.  The technician area of their website allows us to track service calls on-line and monitor the payment status of invoices throughout the payment process. LockNet is a valued business partner and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.
Clifford L. Shafer, CPS, CML – CLC Locksmiths (Cinnaminson, NJ)

As a sub contractor to LockNet for close to a decade we have built a relationship of trust and loyalty together that allows us both to feel at ease when a business transaction is set in motion.  This relationship is a driving force to always perform the best we can when the customer is in need of quality service.
Kenny Hiemstra – Maximum Security Services Inc. (Franklin Lakes, NJ)

LockNet is easy to work for.  They are organized, well managed, flexible, and informed.  They are also excellent when it comes to timely and complete payments.  What more could a vendor ask for?
Scott Gray, CMS, CPS – Tomac Safe & File Services (Toronto, ON)

We, at Advanced Lock Solutions, Inc., have been doing service work for LockNet for about 5 years now in the Austin, TX area.  It is refreshing to work with an organized company that has a professional staff to work with.  They take pride in the care of their customers and vendors they are partnered with to get the job done.  LockNet is not just another Service Company; they are above the rest when it comes to communication and organization.
Angie Maynard – Advanced Lock Solutions (Austin, TX)

We do business with several different companies, but I have to tell you, dealing with LockNet is a treat!  Everyone is so friendly and very knowledgeable!  Should you run into any issues while on the jobsite, they’re quick to resolve it for you!  Need more information, they’ve got it!  Their paperwork is not time consuming at all!  It makes invoicing a snap!  It’s always a pleasure to chat with anyone from LockNet.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with LockNet for many years to come!
Tammy Hicks – Hicks Safe & Locks, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)

Working with LockNet has been rewarding. They always seem to have a solution to any situation. Add to that the timely payment, and you’ve got one rocking NSP. If LockNet calls you out to perform a service, say “yes”.
Terry Hall – Central Safe & Lock (Fairfield, OH)

Great Company, Great Customer Service. Keep up the Good Work.
Joseph A. Jensen – Jensen’s Locksmith Service (Coalinga, CA)

Ian, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for  Locknet’s continued support of Mobilock & Key, Inc.  I started Mobilock in August of 1989. There have been many ups and downs over the years. I have worked for many National Service Providers.  Most of those relationships have been one-sided, strained relationships in which I have felt like a commodity rather than a partner in growing two complementary businesses. Attempts to provide value-added services and insights from the field into our mutual clients needs were dismissed and cost cutting service pushed to the extreme.

I began servicing Locknet accounts in August of 2005 and am grateful for the relationship that we have developed over the years. Locknet has been willing to listen to recommendations to improve security for their customers. You have had an ongoing training program to provide customer service reps who can understand the technical aspects of security when we call about problems on the road. It’s very helpful to be able to explain what a problem may entail and have the customer representative understand what needs to be done to resolve the problem.  Most NSP’s have service reps that have no knowledge of anything concerning security issues, including several who tried to get us to violate local fire safety codes. Locknet has never suggested breaking any local codes.

Locknet has always expressed an interest in making sure that the relationship was beneficial for us. The consistency of payments has been invaluable for regulating my cash flow expectations. That was improved even more with my being able to track jobs, invoices received, and invoices pending payment.  No more waiting for months for payment only to the National Service Provider had not received my invoice after several faxed copies and a hard copy. I know within a day that the invoice has been received. Your most useful tool however is the ability to log on to the technician area every Wednesday and view the exact payment being mailed out on Thursday.

I have enjoyed the last six years of working with Locknet and look forward to a continued relationship. My favorite phone calls come with the same word on my caller ID. Locknet.

Tony Rousey – Mobilock & Key, Inc. (Silver Spring, MD)