Restroom Strike Kit

Many retail and restaurant restrooms in high risk areas experience vagrancy and theft.  The Restroom Strike Kit is designed to restrict access to restrooms and reduce these problems.  Patrons must ask to be buzzed into the restrooms and lock the door using an indicator deadbolt.  100% of locations surveyed stated that it has reduced vandalism of their facilities.

Included in Kit:

    • Linear Dual Transmitter (1 year warranty)
    • Linear Receiver (1 year warranty)
    • Yale Storeroom Lever (10 year warranty)
      • Grade 1
      • Standard Keyway
      • Variety of Architectural Finishes Available
      • ADA Compliant
    • Don-Jo Wrap Plate (1 year warranty)
    • Falcon Indicator Deadbolt with Bypass Key (10 year warranty)
      • ADA Compliant
    • HES Electric Strike (5 year warranty)
    • HES Audible Open Indicator (1 year warranty)
    • Labeling
      • Restroom Type: Men’s or Women’s
      • Door is Locked See Counter for Access
      • Lock Door for Privacy
    • Transformer (1 year warranty)
    • Wire, Cabling, and Installation Materials