When working on a project, there will be times when you will need immediate responses, and times when you will need things planned out well in advance.  At LockNet, we have fast and flexible response times.

Our fast and flexible response times help you in a variety of ways:

  1. Quick Lead Times
  2. Always Available – you can speak with a knowledgeable person when you need to
  3. Proper Resolution – we send the right type of technician to repair the issue the first time


    1. Quick Lead Times

      We help reduce lead time on many special order parts.  Once established, our stocking programs decrease the amount of time you would typically have to wait for special parts.


    1. Always Available

      We know that when you need something, you want to speak with someone right away. That is why each customer has dedicated contacts in Project Management, Service, and Accounting to ensure that they get the answers they need when they need them.Each customer has a dedicated Account Administrator to handle anything a customer needs, as well as a dedicated accounting contact for any billing questions.  Everyone who deals with your account knows your needs and expectations, and is there to exceed them every step of the way.

    1. Proper Resolution

      We have a highly qualified network of over 8,500 technicians that are ready to help whenever and wherever they are needed.  When we add a technician to our database, we screen them not only for aptitude, but for their unique skill sets (locks, access control, doors, etc) as well.

Not every locksmith can handle every type of lock problem, and not every door technician is trained to solve all door issues.  We make sure that we send a technician whose skill set matches the problem that your location is experiencing.  No more wasted trips, no more wasted money.