Doors and locks may seem simple.  However, when you really dig in, they are complex systems that can be difficult to grasp, especially when installing electrified hardware.  At LockNet, we’re all about doors and locks – it’s all we do.  Our job is to be the most knowledgeable resource in the industry so that we can solve any problem that comes your way.

We are excellent problem solvers:

  1. Highly Trained In-House Experts – able to tackle any problem quickly and creatively
  2. Go-To Company for Solving New Challenges in the Industry – proven track record of success
  3. Excellent Manufacturer Relationships – we work closely with our manufacturers to develop solutions and improve products
  4. We Listen – allowing us to understand the problem and solve it right the first time

1. Highly Trained In-House Experts

Do you have trouble with any of the following?  If so, do you know what to do to resolve the issue?

  • Specifying hardware
  • Ensuring life-safety and fire code compliance with your doors and locks
  • Integrating mechanical and electrified hardware

We solve problems like these for our customers.  Our solutions range from new product recommendations to procedural recommendations.

A key to our success in generating solid solutions is our in-house knowledge.  We have experts on staff that provide invaluable real-life input on practical solutions for our customers’ problems.  Our staff experts include:

2. Go-To Company for Solving New Challenges in the Industry

Below is a sampling of solutions we have generated and implemented for our customers:

  • The world’s largest access control installation of its kind at the time – 4,000 locks in 90 days
  • Statewide rekey of 180 locations in 2 weeks
  • Developed and installed jewelry case covers to prevent smash and grabs
  • Specified and installed locks for restroom access control
  • Performed specification review for a major restaurant chain and set up buying programs to help maintain specification consistency
  • Developed built-in, tamper proof counter for the Sur-Lock to help track rear door access
  • Worked with Securitech to modify a front door lock for a large financial institution to meet their access control needs

3.Excellent Manufacturer Relationships

We have close relationships with our vendors and work with them regularly to identify product enhancements and improvements.Moreover, since we work with an array of vendors, we are not limited to specific product lines.  We are able to select the best product for the problem.

4. We Listen

Listening is a simple concept, but is rarely well executed.  At LockNet, listening is one of our Guiding Principles.  We make sure that we listen to you before we do anything.In listening, we:

  • Understand your needs and make sure that we meet them from project planning, to invoicing, to warranty tracking.
  • Understand the problem fully to ensure that we address it properly the first time.
  • Understand what we are doing well and maintain superior service levels.