LockNet reduces risk in a variety of manners:
  1. On-Site, On-Time – a reliable and timely means for door and lock projects
  2. Code Compliant – we help you avoid code violations and/or get quick resolution to pre-existing conditions that cause violations

1. On-Site, On-Time

A timely project is a successful project – that’s why you can rely on LockNet to be on-site, on-time.When managing projects, we:

  • Dispatch one of our highly qualified nationwide technicians and confirm the project timeline with them
  • Ensure products are delivered on-time
  • Schedule in-advance with managers at each location

2. Code Compliant

Are you currently struggling with code compliance?No problem – we can help you get into compliance and keep you there.  Code violations can be costly– not only for life safety, but also for your bottom line.Our in-house experts are well versed in code requirements and specify locks that comply with all codes.  We also evaluate the opening to make any modifications that may be required to keep the door compliant when electrifying the opening.