You are an expert at system design, but are probably scared to death to make the permanent cut into a frame to install an electric strike, let alone trying to figure out the right strike to install in the first place.  Let us help you.  Doors and locks are what we do.  We reduce hassle and provide simplicity in many ways:

  1. We Listen – sounds simple, but not many people do it.  We listen to your needs and make sure that we meet them from hardware specification, to order intake, to invoicing.
  2. One Call Does It All – you make one phone call, and we take care of the rest from solution generation to installation
  3. In-House Experts – we solve problems so that you don’t have to
  4. Customized Processes – we customize our processes to match yours from project onset to invoicing
  5. Always Available – each account has dedicated contacts

1. We Listen

Listening is a simple concept, but is rarely well executed.  At LockNet, listening is one of our Guiding Principles (link to Mission & Guiding Principles).  We make sure that we listen to you before we do anything.

In listening, we:

  • Understand your needs and make sure that we meet them from project planning, to invoicing, to warranty tracking.
  • Understand the problem fully to ensure that we address it properly the first time.
  • Understand what we are doing well and maintain superior service levels.

2. One Call Does It All

You make one phone call, we take care of the rest – it’s that simple.  We manage the details so that you don’t have to.

You don’t have to deal with:

  • Generating the problem solution
  • Sourcing parts
  • Finding qualified technicians
  • Scheduling and follow-up

LockNet’s highly trained Project Managers handle each project with diligence.  Our promise to you is to keep you updated every step of the way so that doors, locks, and hardware are one less thing you need to worry about.

3. In-House Experts

Do you have trouble with any of the following?  If so, do you know what to do to resolve the issue?

  • Specifying hardware
  • Ensuring life-safety and fire code compliance with your doors and locks
  • Integrating mechanical and electrified hardware

We solve problems like these for our customers.  Our solutions range from new product recommendations to procedural recommendations.

A key to our success in generating solid solutions is our in-house knowledge.  We have experts on staff that provide invaluable real-life input on practical solutions for our customers’ problems.  Our staff experts include:

4. Customized Processes

You are unique and operate in a manner that is safest and most efficient for you.  We understand this and will customize our process to match yours all the way from project onset to invoicing.  This means that you don’t have to change just to work with a new vendor – we make the transition as seamless as possible.

5. Always Available

We know that when you need something, you want to speak with someone right away.  That is why each customer has dedicated contacts in Project Management, Sales, and Accounting to ensure that they get the answers they need when they need them.

Each customer has a dedicated Project Manager to handle any projects that customer needs, as well as a dedicated accounting contact for any billing questions.  Everyone who deals with your account knows your needs and expectations, and is there to exceed them every step of the way.