LockNet helps save General Contractors time, money, and hassle in a variety of manners:

  1. Packaging to Reduce On-Site Man Hours – our Tag & Bag packaging saves up to 1 man hour per opening
  2. Short Lead Time – we set up stocking programs to ensure you get parts quickly
  3. Adherence to Corporate Specifications – we guarantee to ship the specified parts
  4. Minimize Change Orders – we don’t make our money on change orders
  5. Buying Powerv– giving you quality products at a competitive price
  6. Shipment Confirmations – we ship when your GC’s are ready for the parts
  7. Sourcing – we are able to source hard to find parts to ensure code compliance
1. Packaging to Reduce On-Site Man Hours

Do you hate getting boxes full of hardware and having to figure out which opening each part belongs to?

We thought so – that’s why we use a Bag & Tag Packaging system.  All parts are clearly bagged and tagged by opening, helping you avoid potential mistakes of site installers.

General Contractors nationwide will attest that it saves them up to one man hour per opening – no more loose product, no more sorting.

2. Short Lead Times

After reviewing corporate specifications, LockNet sets up a stocking program for all standard parts needed for each end-customer’s locations.

Our standard lead times are:

  • Hardware – typically able to ship within 3 days
  • Production Materials (such as doors) – typically able to ship in 2 weeks
3. Adherence to Corporate Specifications

Your customer’s architects specified certain parts for a reason – a supplier that strays from them creates unnecessary headaches for you.   We know that, which is why we focus on providing consistency.

We only send parts that adhere to the end customer’s specifications.  When you buy from LockNet, you don’t have to worry about corners being cut and sub-par materials being shipped out.

4. Minimize Change Orders

Unlike many companies, we do not make our money on change orders.  We review the specifications up-front to avoid costly change orders later.

5. Buying Power

As a national company, LockNet gets you the right parts at the right price.  We partner with a wide variety of vendors, enabling us to source products that best fit your needs.

6. Shipment Confirmations

We realize that all schedules change, and many times, you may not be ready for the scheduled shipments.

We call before shipping product to ensure that the site is ready to receive them.  This minimizes lost and damaged parts – saving you the hassle of finding parts or purchasing new ones.

7. Sourcing

Do you ever have a difficult time sourcing hard to find parts?

That’s where we come in.  We are able to stock those hard to find parts to help reduce lead times, keep your buildings in code compliance, and maintain consistency across your locations.