Multi-year, and even lifetime warranties, are commonplace with door hardware – but taking advantage of these warranties is a daunting task for national companies like you.

The amount of money your organization spends on hardware is substantial.  Our largest customer has over $2 million dollars of product that is currently under warranty.  Imagine if they didn’t track those warranties – how much money they could waste paying unnecessarily for replacement parts?

Using LockNet will help you track and manage your total cost of ownership in a variety of manners:

  1. Longer Warranty Periods – we track manufacturer warranties, versus the standard 1 year from general contractors
  2. Decreased Facility Maintenance Expenses – capturing warranty savings drops to your bottom line
  3. Reporting – you can see warranty reporting information whenever you need it
1. Longer Warranty Periods

The standard warranty for a General Contractor is one year, but the warranty of many parts extends well beyond that.  Standard warranties range from one year all the way through lifetime warranties.

Many General Contractors do not track the warranty periods of the parts that they install – but we do.  We guarantee to track and honor all warranties for all parts we supply.

2. Decreased Facility Maintenance Expenses

We take your total cost of ownership seriously.  Our sophisticated systems alert us if a part should be covered under warranty – guaranteeing that you don’t spend money when you don’t have to.

3. Reporting

We have a variety of warranty reports available that show you:

  • Parts by location
  • Dollar value of parts under warranty
  • Parts that have been covered by warranty