At LockNet, we’re all about doors and locks – it’s all we do.  Our job is to be the most knowledgeable resource in the industry so that we can solve any problems that come your way.

We are excellent problem solvers:

  1. In-House Experts – we have industry experts on staff to assist with any door, lock, and hardware needs you have
  2. Specification Consulting – we perform in-depth reviews of your specifications to ensure they are right
  3. Develop Programs – reducing your lead times and improving your pricing
  4. Sourcing – we are able to source hard to find parts to ensure code compliance
  5. Customized Doors & Frames – made to fit your unique building layouts
1. In-House Experts

We have experts on staff that provide invaluable real-life input on practical solutions for our customers’ problems.  Our staff experts include:

2. Specification Consulting

We do an in-depth review of specifications for our customers and offer recommendations on alternative parts to help ensure that:

  • Application appropriate parts are used
  • Adequate quality parts are specified
  • Total cost of ownership will be minimized
3. Develop Programs

After reviewing your specifications, LockNet will set up a stocking program for all standard parts needed for your locations.  Standardized programs ensure:

  • Consistency in hardware across all of your locations
  • Short lead times
  • Competitive national pricing

Our standard lead times are:

  • Hardware – typically able to ship within 3 days
  • Production Materials (such as doors) – typically able to ship in 2 weeks
4. Sourcing

Do you or your General Contractors ever have a difficult time sourcing hard to find parts?

That’s where we come in.  We are able to stock those hard to find parts to help reduce lead times, keep your buildings in code compliance, and maintain consistency across your locations.

5. Customized Doors & Frames

Your building design is unique and requires specific doors.  We are able to develop custom door and frame kit designs for your building layouts to ensure that your contractors get exactly the parts they need without having to wait extended periods of time.  With us, your doors aren’t special order – we have them in stock.