Your architects specified certain parts for a reason, and you built a schedule that needs to be adhered to – straying from either creates unnecessary headaches for you.  We know that, which is why we focus on providing consistency.

We provide consistency in a variety of manners:

  1. Specification Compliance – we don’t take shortcuts.  We supply the parts you specify.
  2. Short Lead Times – helping your GC’s stay on schedule
  3. Service Level – each account has a dedicated Project Manager
1. Specification Compliance

We do a close review of your specifications and ensure that we only send parts that adhere to them.  When you buy from LockNet, you don’t have to worry about corners being cut and sub-par materials being shipped out.

To guarantee that you receive the specified parts 100% of the time, you can list LockNet as a must-buy, or buy direct.

2. Short Lead Times

After reviewing your specifications, LockNet will set up a stocking program for all standard parts needed for your locations.

Our standard lead times are:

  • Hardware – typically able to ship within 3 days
  • Production Materials (such as doors) – typically able to ship in 2 weeks
3. Service Level

Touted with some of the best service in the industry, each account has a dedicated Project Manager that is highly knowledgeable of each accounts’ needs, and expectations.

As confirmed by many General Contractors, when issues arise, LockNet’s Project Managers will resolve them quickly – no matter what the problem is.